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Position descriptions (or role statements) are used to capture the skills, experience, qualifications, knowledge and qualities required to successfully perform a role. They also outline the key responsibilities and expected outcomes for the position-holder, and can be a useful reference point for career conversations.

All fixed term and continuing positions in the University require a Position Description (PD).

The Position Description Template can be downloaded here. The template has tips on the information which should be outlined in the document.

Academic role statements

Academic role statements have been created in line with Curtin’s Academic Capability Framework. They outline the generic accountabilities, responsibilities and core selection criteria for each academic category and level.

The different academic categories are:

  • Teaching and Research Academic
  • Research Academic
  • Teaching Academic (and Teaching Academic Clinical/Professional)

The following generic position descriptions are for use across Curtin.

Generic position descriptions

The following generic position descriptions (PDs) are for general and professional positions across Curtin.

All general/professional staff positions (both fixed term and continuing) need a position description (PD), which our team at People and Culture record and maintain.

Generic PDs have been created for use by all areas across Curtin. There are PDs available for generic role types (applicable to any area)  as well as functional area specific roles. Functional area PDs are limited for use within a specific functional area. If you need this type of PD, contact People and Culture.

The generic PDs have the option to include some specific detail about a position.

For most of the roles listed below, there are two PD versions available.  One is a standard ‘off the shelf’ version, the other has free fields which allow the addition of specific responsibilities and selection criteria.  Please note that additional information about a position can be included in the advertising text of advertised positions, so the standard version may be sufficient.

People and Culture can provide assistance in the application of these generic PDs.