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Staff Portal

The VC’s Excellence Awards for Professional Staff at Global Campuses recognise the innovative work of high performing colleagues who demonstrate outstanding achievement aligned to the University’s vision and values. The awards aim to inspire, encourage and support a shared commitment to realising the University’s 2030 vision to be a recognised global leader in research, education and engagement.

The VC’s Excellence Awards for Professional Staff at Global Campuses will be held annually with the Vice-Chancellor calling for nominations mid-year and winners announced and recognised at an end-of-year event.

Ready to start a nomination?

  1. To start your online application visit the VC’s Excellence Awards for Professional Staff nomination system
  2. Click on the button “Start a new nomination”
  3. Select the appropriate award type and category.
  4. Complete Nominator and Nominee details.
  5. The nominator will need to provide a team name, team representative and select other members of the team.
  6. A team member may be defined as someone who has made a significant contribution.
  7. Consult with members of the team prior to submission to ensure that team composition and contributions are accurately reflected.
  8. Complete the nomination statement questions on the site.
  9. For help writing a nomination, please refer to the guide to writing a nomination statement
  10. Upload relevant attachments. Nominator can upload relevant attachments in support of the nomination such as images, diagrams or testimonials. Documentation should not exceed six (6) pages and must be provided in .pdf format.
  11. Once submitted, the nominee will receive an email notification and is required to accept or decline the nomination, OR the referee will receive an email notification and is required to endorse or decline the nomination and provide a referee statement.
  12. If a key stakeholder/customer/beneficiary of the nomination is external to Curtin, the referee can attach additional evidence or testimonials from the external contact.
  13. Nominator will receive email confirmation that the team nomination has been accepted/endorsed and submitted.