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What is Business Continuity Management (BCM)?

BCM provides the framework, embedded within the day to day operations of Curtin University, for developing and maintaining a state of readiness to respond to, recover from and subsequently resume operations following a disruption. The disruption could be a major incident impacting the whole University, or contained to a physical area and/or business area of the University.

Business Continuity is one of several risk mitigating strategies that can be employed by the University.

Why do Business Continuity?

What are you going to do if you lost access to your building, staff, suppliers, systems or information?, i.e. if there is a power cut, a computer virus attack, equipment failure, theft of intellectual property or funds, flooding or accidental damage?

Business Continuity is not just about the high profile disasters we hear about. It’s about being ready for any incident that may cause a disruption to your business area impacting on the critical business activities of the University.

The below diagram depicts the activities that occur once Business Continuity Plans have been invoked: