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What is a Critical Incident?

A critical incident is a situation which causes the University significant interruption, disruption, loss, emergency or crisis, generally at Level Two or Level Three of Curtin’s Incident Alert matrix.

Critical Incident Management Team (CIMT)

The University’s Critical Incident Management Team is a team of University Executives and Senior Directors who are accountable to the Vice Chancellor and Council, who together, provide stewardship in times of crisis. Generally, the CIMT is invoked at Level Two or Level Three of the University’s incident alert matrix.  The CIMT is generally not invoked at Level One, that is Localised Incidents on the alert matrix – these incidents are managed at the local level of the organisation and may include one of the seven teams of response groups that form the Critical Incident Management Team and are:

  • Emergency Response
  • Business Recovery
  • Information Communications Technology
  • Properties
  • Crisis Co-ordination
  • Communications & Stakeholders
  • People