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Specific risk assessments and approvals must be completed for travel to certain countries. Note that:

  • If you do not complete the relevant risk assessment, and obtain the approvals, Curtin has not approved your travel and you are not insured under the Policy; and
  • Regardless of Curtin approval, in the cases noted below, you will also not be insured under the Policy.
Destination Risk Assessment & Curtin Approval Required
DFAT Category 3 “Reconsider your Need to Travel” defined on Smartraveller Complete the travel risk assessment within their TOP request and submit it to your Head of School and Pro Vice Chancellor/DVC, for consideration and approval. Where the Country is multiple rated and TOP doesn’t trigger a travel risk assessment, please utilise the DFAT 3 Travel Risk Assessment Template, and upload into your TOP request.

Please note that a Communications Plan may also be required to support your TOP request.

DFAT Category 4 “Do not Travel” defined on Smartraveller Consult with Risk, Compliance & Audit to complete a travel risk assessment and business case and submit it to your Head of School, Pro Vice Chancellor and Provost/Vice Chancellor for authorisation and approval before making a travel booking.

* Note that for DFAT Category 4 destinations, even if you obtain Curtin approval to undertake the travel, you may not be covered under the Policy.

High/Extreme Risk destinations as defined below
Sanctioned Countries as defined on DFAT US laws and regulations (and other international and Australian sanctions restrictions) may prohibit the Insurer from providing cover or paying claims to individuals or entities or insuring certain activities related to sanctioned countries. If you are travelling to a country or location that is subject to any sanctions, refer to Risk, Compliance & Audit for advice before making a travel booking, and access the Curtin International Sanctions Compliance page.

Before travelling to high-risk countries, safeguard you and your/Curtin intellectual property by thoroughly reviewing the travel advice provided by the Cyber Security Advisory team.