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iSoTL Expand


Expand is where you collaborate in formalised funded iSoTL research that is publicly disseminated. It is about developing your strategic iSoTL Leadership capacity by collaborating with other faculties outside your discipline, with other universities, industry, and community in innovative iSoTL research using evidence based educational research epistemologies, ontologies, and methodologies. Educational innovations will be measured by their impact on learning and the broader societal context (Bernstein 2018).


iSoTL Expand Steps

Stage 1: Here you will identify strategies for applying for competitive grants and establishing iSoTL networks and collaborations for funded iSoTL research.. Stage 2: You will apply your learning and design a collaborative iSoTL research project and disseminate the findings to the broader public.. Stage 3: You will develop your strategic iSoTL Leadership skills. Stage 3 is an ongoing process that continues to loop back through stages 1-3 as you build your reputation as a leader in iSoTL research.