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Curtin Credentials

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What are Curtin Credentials?

Curtin Credentials are the University’s newest education offering for professionals and new graduates. These short courses are designed to equip learners with technical and transferable skills that are relevant to today’s workplaces.

Credentials are currently offered under five themes reflecting the increasingly digital and ever-evolving nature of modern jobs.


Unleash an inner entrepreneur and blend creativity and problem solving skills to create valuable new products and services.


Develop positive, sustainable, resilient and inclusive traits to guide life, career, and organisational directions. Learn what it takes to motivate and inspire in a contemporary business setting.

Influence and Persuasion

Equip the learner with skills and strategies to make effective change and become a persuasive thought leader in their career.

Future of Work

Thrive and adapt in the changing world of work by developing and broadening a skillset in a range of areas.

Digital Mindset

Embrace advances in digital technology, explore how it impacts our lives, and develop digital skills to equip the learner for the future of work.

Learners can complete standalone credentials or complete courses within a theme to build their expertise in a specific area. Credentials are offered online, in person and a mix of both. They range from one day to five days, offering different levels of complexity.

At the completion of each credential, learners earn a digital badge that can be instantly shared with their professional networks. Credentials can also be stacked into a Graduate Certificate of Professional Practice.

Credentials are a valuable space for universities to enter into. The World Economic Forum (WEF) The Future of Jobs Report 2020 found that 85 million jobs will be displaced by 2025 as a result of increasing automation and pandemic-related disruption. Among jobs set to remain, over 50 per cent will require re-skilling.

The WEF has outlined the need for micro credentials and a skill-based ecosystem to allow for continued learning and professional development, ensuring people can adapt and thrive in this new skills landscape.

Curtin Credentials enables learners to further their professional development with a trusted higher education institution. To find out more, visit the Curtin Credential’s Catalogue.

Propose a new Curtin Credential

Staff who are interested in designing and facilitating a Curtin Credential are encouraged to submit a Curtin Credential Proposal.

The Proposal should be completed by the credential co-ordinator or facilitator.

The process for the approval of a new credential is shown below.

As indicated above, all proposals require the support of your Faculty Representative. The names of these representatives are listed below.

Faculty Representatives

Faculty of Business and Law – Subra Ananthram
Faculty of Health Sciences – Marina Ciccarelli
Faculty of Humanities – Nicole Slatter
Faculty of Science and Engineering – Daniel Southam
Centre for Aboriginal Studies – Robyn Heckenburg
LITEC (for all central areas) – Jacqui Kelly

Cred Assessment Details

Curtin Credential assessments are binary (that is Pass/Fail only with a very basic rubric) and need to align with Australian Qualification Framework Level 8 as students who pass the course gain 5 credits. Assessment also needs to be authentic, and have real world value and application. That is if I am a professional undertaking this cred, I need an assessment that not only matches the learning outcomes, but provides me with an asset that I can potentially use back in my workplace.

Contact Us

If you have any queries or want additional information please email the team at