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Preventing psychological harm

While traditional health and safety has focused heavily on identifying and managing physical risks in the workplace, it is also important to consider and proactively manage the impacts of psychosocial risks.

In effectively managing psychosocial risks, we can minimise the risk of mental ill-health as well as create an environment where we feel safe, valued and more engaged with our work.

Wellness Assessment

We can reduce psychosocial risks in the workplace by applying  SMART work design principles, by Curtin’s own Australian Research Council Professor Sharon Parker and the Future of Work Institute.  We should aim to make workplaces stimulating, allow staff to develop mastery and agency, implement relational supports and ensure tolerable work conditions. 

The Wellness Assessment facilitates a risk management approach, helping staff to identify, assess and control psychosocial risks in the workplace.

Wellness Assessment [.doc-73kB]

SMART Themes


Further Information

There are many externally available tools you can access to conduct a deeper dive into psychosocial risk in the workplace.  Here’s a few recommendations:

You may also wish to develop your skills in assessing, rating and controlling psychosocial hazards in the workplace by accessing the following services: