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Staff Portal

The Assessments and Examinations Team are responsible for the coordination of all Centrally Scheduled Assessments or Examinations, including Further and Deferred Assessments.

Central Services provided by Progression, Assessment and Awards

Centrally Scheduled Assessments or Examinations (CSAEs)

Assessments and examinations that are scheduled within the nominated centrally scheduled examination periods.

Accessing the CSAE Online Exams Portal

Requests for CSAEs are made within the Request for Centrally Scheduled Assessments online portal, accessed through the Student Services tab of the Staff Portal. Request for Access (to the Request for CSAE online portal) requires approval from the Head of School. The signed form must be completed and emailed to for processing.

Requesting a CSAE

Online requests for CSAEs open at the start of each centrally scheduled period for major Semester exams, and a few weeks prior to the Further and Deferred Assessment periods.

After requesting a CSAE, the Assessments and Examinations Team will schedule the assessment. Only after the assessment has been scheduled will it formally appear to the requestor via the Online Exams Portal

CSAE Timetable

This timetable outlines all CSAEs that have been scheduled. The timetable includes information such as the date and time, venue, type of exam/assessment and so forth.

Exam Cover Sheets (ECS)

Once you have requested your exams, proceed with downloading the Examination Cover Sheet (ECS).  The downloadable ECS will provide the start to the examination paper content and ensure the examination information is up to date, policy compliant and consistently applied to all student examinations.

Downloading the ECS from the Exams Portal will make sure the requirements to schedule across multiple locations are accurately reflected as part of the examination paper submission. Please do not make any modification to the Exam Cover Sheet, you must edit the exam request in the exam portal instead.

You must ensure the Examiner, Co-Examiner and Head of School (or delegate) proofreads the exam paper* and signs/names the Examination Paper Checklist.

*As per Assessment Policy, the Head of School is responsible for ensuring that examination papers are in accordance with the syllabus for the unit, are clear in meaning and are of reasonable length.  Please be mindful of the handling of your examination paper during this process


Intelligent Remote Invigilation System (IRIS) is software that Curtin University’s uses to invigilate online examinations and assessments.

CSAE Examination Breaches

The Assessments and Examinations Team are responsible for coordinating breaches that occur during centrally scheduled examinations and assessments.

Quality Assurance checks in IRIS based exams

3 weeks prior to the exam period, all IRIS exams set ups are checked within Blackboard and IRIS to reduce technical issues for students commencing their online exams. Emails are sent to the relevant staff coordinating the unit, to advise them of any issues.

Requesting an ‘Extenuating Academic Preference’

For any CSAE that requires scheduling at a preferred date/time, these will be considered under a process titled Process for Requesting an ‘Extenuating Academic Preference.  Extenuating reasons can include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical and/or disability reasons
  • Work related conference that forms part of the academic contract and teaching requirements

Alternative Arrangements (AA)

AA are reasonable adjustments for students for the reasons of disability, medical, religious, social inclusion and Elite Athlete.  All students who are eligible for these arrangements are individually assessed by AccessAbility Services, Student Wellbeing or the Elite Athlete Program.  Recommendations for AA are based on the individual student’s needs and aim to ‘level the playing field’ rather than provide an unfair advantage.  Examples of common arrangements are –

  • Alternative to online Invigilated Exam (IRIS)
  • Extra time for reading, working or breaks
  • Rescheduling an examination to a particular day or time of day
  • Use of assistive technology
  • Use of a scribe or reader
  • Examination in an alternative form, such as paper format or special font and size

The deadline for students to organise AA’s with Counselling and Disability Services is 3 weeks prior to the relevant centrally scheduled exam period.

Exams Connect

Curtin Staff can view the most up-to-date timetable via the Online Exams Connect Portal in Exams Connect.

In order to be granted access to Exams Connect, you are required to fill out this form.

Face-to-Face Examinations

Unit coordinators can nominate to have their examination scheduled face-to-face and invigilated by staff

Centrally Scheduled Further and Deferred Assessments

Further Assessments are approved by the Board of Examiners and ratified by the Result and Progression team. Unit coordinators can choose to have their Further Assessments centrally scheduled by submitting a request through the Request for Centrally Scheduled Assessments online portal after ratification has occurred and the unit appears.

Deferred Assessments also appear in the same portal for unit coordinators to request to be centrally scheduled, if applicable.

Students with Further and Deferred Assessments from previous study periods will also appear in the portal for unit coordinators to request centrally scheduled examinations.

Requesting a Centrally Schedule Further and Deferred Assessment or Examination

Online requests for Centrally Scheduled Further and Deferred Assessments and Examinations open during the study period. Please see the online calendar for more information. The process varies depending on the study period in question.

Centrally Scheduled Further and Deferred Assessment Timetable Information

A timetable is sent to the students and schools the Friday prior to the Further and Deferred Assessment exam period. However, as further and deferred assessments are imported daily, updated timetables are sent each day to affected schools.

Students are notified of their exams a minimum of 3 working days prior to the exam via Official Communication and an email to both their personal and student email address.

Examinations For Other Institutes (EFOI)

Curtin University facilitates examinations for various Australian and overseas universities, colleges, institutions of further education and training, and other certified course providers who have students studying in Western Australia.

Most participating institutions are responsible for organising and paying for students to sit their examinations at Curtin. However, Curtin also provides a service for students who are responsible for organising the payment and scheduling of their own examinations.

The Assessments and Examinations team will coordinate with the customer and the institute to schedule and provide invigilation, venues and exam printing and posting services.

For enquires please click on the link or alternatively email: