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The Awards, Graduation and Events team is responsible for processing all applications for awards, printing and posting of awards and processing graduating students. The Events Team is responsible for coordinating all ceremonies throughout the year.


Graduation Ceremonies Djilba 2023 Information – for reference.

Preparing Students for Graduation

Students in their final study period must ensure their course requirements are met before the study period result release date (Academic Calendar). Course completion requirements include (but are not limited to):

  • Clearing of any outstanding sanctions
  • Updating personal details and contact information
  • Signing off any work experience, first aid certification and other documentation
  • Finalisation of any interim results (Deferred Assessment, Further Assessment etc)

Completion criteria enquiries can be directed to the Enrolments Team at

Major Conferrals – August and January

Conferral is when Council approves the production of the award certificate and the application of the Curtin Graduation Seal

Students’ degree awards are conferred monthly except for major ceremony months (August and January). Students conferred at the major study periods in August and January will automatically be sent their Graduation Official Communication once graduation registration opens. Students will be invited to select the following options:

  • Attend a ceremony,
  • Defer their ceremony to a later date*, or
  • Not attend a ceremony and receive their award certificate via mail

Please see online calendar for more information.

A copy of this OC can be found below:

Graduation Invitation – Monthly Conferral (Minor Conferrals)

Curtin University has moved to monthly conferrals (instead of twice-year conferrals). Students who complete their course outside of the major study periods will be conferred at the next monthly conferral. These students will be sent the below official communication, then the abovementioned one closer to the major conferral deadline.

Awards with Distinctions & Honours Levels

Managed by the Results and Progression Team

Intermediate and Exit Awards

An Intermediate Award and Exit Award is an approved exit point from a higher level award course (referred to as the “Principal Award”).

Students submit their application once they have completed all the relevant units in the lesser award. The differences between and Exit Award and an Intermediate Award are minimal:

Replacement Awards

Students can apply for a Replacement Award certificate if their original award certificate has been lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed, not received or has incorrect information on it.

An award certificate is a legal document and only one can be in circulation, therefore once it is replaced, the original award becomes null and void. In some circumstances, an incorrect award certificate will need to be returned to the Awards and Graduations Team.

Approval for Replacement Awards is actioned by University Council once a month (usually the first Friday of each month). The Graduation Seal will be affixed to all replacement award certificates with the notation “Replacing Original Award dated DD Month YYYY”.

True Copy of Award

A True Copy is a replica of an award issued by Curtin University. A True Copy of Award is only available for students who graduated after 2000. The True Copy of Award bears the notation “True Copy” with the award number and original conferral date and will bear the Curtin true copy seal.

True copies are not available for awards granted prior to 2000 or for VTEC awards.

A True Copy does not replace an original award. If an award certificate has been lost, stolen, destroyed or not received, students can apply for a Replacement Award.

Rescind of Award

A Rescind of Award may request for an award to be rescinded by completing and submitting the Rescind Award form if:

  • the incorrect award title has been chosen by the School and the award conferred; or
  • the student has had their award incorrectly conferred due to an administration error.
  • A penalty of student misconduct.

All awards will go to University Council for approval to be rescinded. All rescinded awards will be submitted to the Vice-Chancellor for noting and the original award certificate (if issued), will be destroyed by the Progression, Assessment and Awards Office.

All rescinded awards are recorded on Student One.

A change of name or change to the level of the award does not require the rescinding of an award.

Where a student has passed their course requirements and the correct award has been conferred by Council, the award may not be rescinded.

If you require an award to be rescinded, please complete the form here and email to

Vice-Chancellor’s (VC’s) List Awards

The ViceChancellor’s List  comprises the top one per cent of undergraduate award course students from across the whole University – based on their Study Period Weighted Average. The VC’s List is determined twice per year– whether they are studying full-time, part-time, online, onshore or offshore. Members of the VC’s List will receive a letter of congratulations from the Vice-Chancellor and their academic record will be annotated in recognition of this significant achievement.

The Awards and Graduations Team produces a list of VC nominees and sends them to each Faculty for any comments or recommended amendments. Once the list is approved, the Manager, Progression Assessment and Awards provides endorsement to the Academic Registrar who provides final signoff. Students are notified by Official Communication (OC) and email. All VC’s List certificates are mailed to students only.

Graduation Ceremony

Progression, Assessment and Awards coordinates all Curtin campus graduation ceremonies, domestically and internationally.

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