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About University Advancement

‘Advancement’ refers to a comprehensive program of fostering private support for the University and its strategy. Our dominant concern is the acquisition of strategic relationships that can help the University financially and reputationally. In particular, we seek to secure discretionary funding and any required in-kind support for the University.

What are sources of private support?

It’s tempting to associate the word ‘philanthropy’ with Advancement. However because this word is generally associated solely with individuals or foundations, it is too restrictive a mandate for University Advancement. Private support to universities also comes from other sources, like associations, civic groups, and corporates.

With corporates, support for the communities in which they operate is of increasing importance to their bottom lines. Generally, they prefer to call their giving ‘corporate community investment’, or ‘sponsorship’, as this is more digestible to shareholders. Irrespective of their preferred vocabulary, we include corporates as potential sources of private support.

Linkage, Ability, Interest

We seek support from those who have linkage with the University, a general or specific interest in what we’re doing, and an ability to make a contribution (financial or otherwise).

Linkage – Graduate, friend, board member, large employer, strategic corporate partner, etc.

Ability – Determining at what level they can offer support

Interest – At a university like Curtin, we have something of interest for everybody


Curtin graduate – a graduate of any Curtin campus or partner institute, who has had their award conferred by Curtin Council

“Time, Talent, Treasure” – the types of things we ask for

Cultivation – relationship-building before receiving a donation

Stewardship – relationship-building after receiving a donation; reporting on impact of gift

How we go about our business

Our ethos centres around friendship and its traits. You can read more about our ethos and principles below.