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Dr Bradley Gobby

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Faculty of Humanities
School of Education
Bentley Campus
08 9266 3795

Brief Summary

Brad is an early career researcher. His research examines government policies, programmes and technologies in the areas of school autonomy reforms, school choice and corporatisation. He is currently investigating the Independent Public Schools initiative in Western Australia, documenting the changes to and the effects of this reform to the management and government of state schools. He uses Foucauldian perspectives in his research, including critical policy analysis. In this video Brad is talking about the need to think critically about the use of school-based data

Brad has worked as a research officer and lecturer at Murdoch University for a number of years. He has worked with Professor Barry Down as a research officer on a number of research projects, including three ARC-funded projects in the areas of: the schooling of young people at disadvantage; early career teacher resilience; and the use of the arts in community development. Brad lectures pre-service teachers in the area of curriculum, curriculum theory and sociology.

Along with Dr Rebecca Walker, Brad has co-edited and contributed to Powers of Curriculum: Sociological Perspectives of Education, a research-led textbook for pre-service educators published by Oxford University Press.

Brad taught in secondary schools in Western Australia and UK over a five year period, mainly in the areas of English and literacy. He has been at Curtin since January 2013.

Brad is the Master of Education Course Coordinator. In this video, Brad talks about the Master of Education course.

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Memberships, Awards and Training


  • Curtin Excellence and Innovation in Teaching Award: Common First Year Team. (2015)
  • Faculty of Humanities Teaching and Learning Award in the First Year Program Award category: Common First Year Team (2014).
  • Outstanding Professional Service Award (Professional Teaching Council of Western Australia Inc.) (2014)
  • Murdoch University School of Education Prize for Best Doctor of Philosophy Dissertation in the past two years (2014)
  • Thelma Harley Post-Graduate Award (2007)
  • Fogarty-WAIER Post-Graduate Award (2007)


  • Executive Committee Member and Website Coordinator of the Western Australian Institute for Educational Research (ECM 2006 - present).
  • Western Australian Representative of the Community of Associate Deans of Reseach in Education (cADRE), ACDE (2014-2015)
  • Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE)

Professional Affilitations

Academic Reviewer for the following: Journal of Sociology; Journal of Educational Management and History; Journal of Education Policy; Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education; Critical Studies in Education; Cambridge University Press

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Brad has taught in the areas of: English curriculum, media curriculum, the sociology of education, the teaching of Society and Environment, and multi-literacies. He is currently teaching:

  • EDPR3004 Cultural Contexts in Primary Education
  • EDSC3000 Curriculum & Culture in Secondary Schools
  • EDUC1003 Exploring and Contesting Curriculum
  • EDUC6031 International Trends in Education
  • EDUC6029 Philosophy of Pedagogy

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Research Interests

Brad's areas of research interest include:

  • education policy and reform
  • poststructuralist perspectives in education
  • critical policy analysis
  • the sociology of education 
  • Foucauldian and neo-Foucauldian scholarship
  • neo-liberal policy and programmes of government
  • governmentality, discourse, subjectivity and power
  • school governance, management, leadership, school choice, and IPS
  • gender, sexualities & new materialism


  • Which ways is north from here? Navigating the emotional dimensions of learning to teach during the pre-service year (PhD)
  • Primary educators’ knowledge of grammatical concepts as mandated in the Australian Curriculum (English): Comparison of Pre and Inservice teachers (MPhil: Passed)
  • An investigation of significant factors in the success of high achieving females in school: a poststructural feminist perspective (Masters Dissertation: Passed)
  • An investigation of significant factors in the success of high achieving females in school: a poststructural feminist perspective (Masters Dissertation)

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Books - Edited

  • Gobby, B., and R. Walker.. "Powers of curriculum: Sociological perspectives on education." Melbourne: Oxford University Press. Inpress.


Journal Articles (Research)


Journal Articles (Research)

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Books Chapters - Other


Journal Articles (Scholarly/Professional)


Journal Articles (Scholarly/Professional)

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Additional Information

Presentations and other publications

  • Gobby, B. (2016). Control Alt Delete: Becoming an Independent Public School principal. Foucault and educational leadership Symposium. AARE Conference. November, Melbourne.
  • Gobby, B. (2016). Inquiry and the lively materiality of the principal. Methodological lenses on educational leadership Symposium. AARE Conference. November, Melbourne.
  • Karnovsky, S., Gobby, B & Mercieca, P. 2015. "How do pre-service teachers feel about learning to teach? Emergent themes from a qualitative case study using interviews and online blogging". AARE Conference. 1 December, Fremantle, WA.
  • Gobby, B. 2015. "The principal-leader: A question of governmentality?" Questioning Leadership Symposium. AARE Conference. 30 November. Fremantle, WA.
  • Gobby. B. 2015. "My School and the calculating parent". Presentation at Western Australian Institute for Educational Research Annual Forum. August 8. Fremantle, WA.
  • Gobby, B. 2015. "IPS and governing schools through contracts". Professional Educator Vol 12 (2) 8-10.
  • Gobby, B. & Karnovsky, S. 2015. "Are pre-service teachers' emotions silenced?" Australian Teacher Magazine Vol. 11 (3) 34. Also found at EducationHQ Australia.
  • Gobby. B. 2014. "Principal self-government and subjectification: the exercise of principal autonomy in the Western Australian Independent Public Schools programme. Virtual Special Issue - Tracking the neoliberal juggernaut. Critical Studies in Education.
  • Gobby. B. 2014. "The governed becoming governors". 2nd ELMA Theory Workshop: Administrative Theory without the "L" word. 3-4 July. ACU, North Sydney.
  • Gobby. B. 2013. "Principals' experiences of the Independent Public Schools Initiative". Western Australian Institute for Educational Research Annual Research Forum. Fremantle. 10 August. Further information.
  • Gobby, B. 2011. "The Governmentality of school autonomy and self-management: A Foucauldian Analysis". Unpublished Doctoral Thesis. Murdoch University. Perth. Further information.

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