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Dr Chamila Subasinghe Arachchilage Don

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Faculty of Humanities
School of Built Environment
Bentley Campus
+61 8 9266 7251

Brief Summary

- Ph.D. (Architecture) Texas A&M University, Tau Sigma Delta Hons, 2011

- M.S. (Architecture) 2007

- M.Sc. (Architecture) 2000

- B.Sc. (Built Environment) Hons, 1997

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A decade ago, Chamila aka Cham embarked on a cross-continental voyage from Asia to North America via Europe and currently stationed in Oceania as a principal Fulbright scholar, primarily seeking praxis of sustainable urbanism for local-resiliency building. His recent abode of inquiry, Perth has been growing on him as a placeable campground amenable for this quest. Chamila’s interest in fusing naturalistic inquiry and syntactical analysis to reveal potentials of tacit knowledge as a generator bias for diverse spatial practices varies from disaster resiliency of self-built settlements in urban peripheries to choreographed movements in health and wellness facilities. His current work involves an extended thesis on post-disaster rebuilding: recovery, resiliency, and sustainability as an integral part of teaching and learning-scholarship at Curtin.

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Employment History

Iowa State University 2011-2014

Texas A&M University 2006-2011

University of the Arts London-University of Moratuwa 2003-2006

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Research Interests

Sustainable post-disaster recovery of spontaneous settlements along the US-Mexico border

Carbon-neutral design via materials with least embodied energy: the sustainable home project

Spatial-syntactic systems of healing environments in health and wellness facilities with special reference to small scale health clinics

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Specialty Areas

Post-disaster rebuilding

Sustainable Urbanism

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