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Dr David Cooper

Office of the Provost
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Bentley Campus
08 9266 5212


I'm the lecturer and/or unit coordinator for:

  • Introduction to Software Engineering (ISAD1000)
  • Unix and C Programming (COMP1000)
  • Object Oriented Software Engineering (COMP2003)
  • Software Engineering Concepts (COMP3003)
  • Software Metrics (ISAD4002)

Additionally, I help supervise the final-year Software Engineering Project units (ISAD3000/3001/4000/4001).

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Conference Articles (Research)


Conference Articles (Research)


Conference Articles (Research)

  • Cooper, D. J. A., B. R. von Konsky, M. C. Robey, and D. A. McMeekin. 2007. "Obstacles to comprehension in usage based reading." In 2007 Australian Software Engineering Conference, Apr 10, 2007, Melbourne, Australia: IEEE.


Conference Articles (Research)

  • von Konsky, B. R., A. Loh, M. Robey, S. J. Gribble, J. Ivins, and D. Cooper. 2006. "The benefit of information technology in managing outcomes focused curriculum development across related degree programs." In ACE2006, Jan 16, 2006, Hobart, Tasmania: Australian Computer Society and ACM.
  • Cooper, D., M. W. Chan, M. Harding, G. Mehra, P. Woodward, B. R. von Konsky, and M. Robey. 2006. "Using dependence graphs to assist manual and automated object oriented software inspections." In ASWEC 2006, Apr 18, 2006, Sydney, Australia: IEEE.
  • Robey, M., B. R. von Konsky, J. Ivins, S. J. Gribble, A. Loh, and D. Cooper. 2006. "Student self motivation: Lessons learned from teaching first year computing." In FIE 2006, Oct 28, 2006, San Diego, California: IEEE.
  • Ivins, J., B. R. von Konsky, D. Cooper, and M. Robey. 2006. "Software engineers and engineering: A survey of undergraduate preconceptions." In FIE 2006, Oct 28, 2006, San Diego, California: IEEE.


Conference Articles (Research)

  • Cooper, D., B. Khoo, B. von Konsky, and M. Robey. 2004. "Java Implementation Verification using reverse engineering." In 27th Australasian Computer Science Conference, Jan 1, 2004, Dunedin, New Zealand: Australian Computer Society.
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