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Dr Elaine Bennett

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Office of the Provost
Faculty of Health Sciences
Bentley Campus
08 9368 9368

Brief Summary

Current position: Director Strategy & Research, Ngala

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Research Interests

Doctoral thesis "An exploration of the past, present and future of nursing in Early Parenting Services in Australia"

My role at Ngala has the responsibility to drive the Research Agenda with multiple Research partners and Universities.

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Specialty Areas

Early Parenting, Child health and development, Interdisciplinary teamwork, Workforce Planning, Perinatal mental health, Rural health, Management and leadership, Implementation Science and Practice Development.

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Featured Publications

Journal Articles (Scholarly/Professional)

Journal Articles (Scholarly/Professional)


Journal Articles (Research)

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Additional Information


  •  Richard Fletcher, Chris May, Frances- Kay Lambkin, Alan W. Gemmill, Warren Cann, Jan M. Nicholson, Catherine Rawlinson, Jeannette Milgrom, Nicole Highet, Maralyn Foureur, Elaine Bennett & Geoff Skinner (2016): SMS4dads: Providing information and support to new fathers through mobile phones – a pilot study, Advances in Mental Health, doi:10.1080/18387357.2016.1245586

  • Bennett, E. Berry, K. Emeto, TI, Burmeister, OK. Young, J & Shields, L. (2016) ATTITUDES TO LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL AND TRANSGENDER PARENTS SEEKING HEALTH CARE FOR THEIR CHILDREN IN TWO EARLY PARENTING SERVICES IN AUSTRALIA, Journal Clinical Nursing, Sept, DOI: 10.1111/jocn.13595.
  • Bennett, E. Hauck, Y., Radford, G., Bindahneem, S. (2015). ‘An interprofessional exploration of nursing and social work roles when working jointly with families’. Journal of Interprofessional Care, 30 (2), 232-237.


  • Wells, G. Shields, L Hauck, Y., Bennett, E, Johnson, K (2014). ‘Do we make a difference? Parents' and nurses' experiences of using a strengths–based, solution-focused approach to care’. Australian Journal of Child and Family Health Nursing. 11 (2) Nov. 
  • Fletcher, R., Dowse E., Bennett, E., Chan, S., O'Brien, A., & Jones, (2014), The Paternal Perinatal Depression Initative, Australian Nursing & Midwifery Journal, 22 (5), Nov.
  • Fletcher, R., Dowse, E., Hall, P., Hopwood, N., Bennett, E., & Erikson, J., (2014), Identifying depressed fathers during a home visit, Invited paper for Australian Journal of Child & Family Health Nursing, 11 (1) June.


  • Bennett, E, (2013), ‘An exploration of the past, present and future of early parenting services in Australia”, Doctorate in Nursing thesis, University Notre Dame Australia.


  • Bennett, E & Cooke, D, (2012) Surviving postnatal depression: the male experience, Journal Neonatal Pediatric & Child Health Nursing, 15 (3) Nov. ISSN 1441-6638.
  • Bennett, E., Hauck, Y., Bindahneem, S., Banham, V., Owens, M., Priddis, L., Wells, G., Sinclair, W., Shields, L., (2012), The development of an interdisciplinary research agenda at Ngala: an innovative case study, Journal Neonatal Paediatric & Child Health Nursing, 15 (1) March. ISSN 1441-6638.


  • Hauck, Y., Hall, W., Dhaliwal, S., Bennett, E. & Wells, G.  (2011) The effectiveness of an early parenting intervention for mothers with infants with sleep and settling concerns: a prospective non-equivalent before-after design. Journal of Clinical Nursing. 21, 52-62. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2702.2011.03734.x

Book Chapter

St John W, Fraser K, Bennett E, (2007), Home Visiting, In W. St. John & (Eds),

Community Nursing Practice: Theory, Skills and Issues, (pp.230-248) Ch 13. Allen &

Unwin: NSW.

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