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Dr Francis Russell

Faculty of Humanities
School of Design and Art
Bentley Campus

Brief Summary

Francis Russell has taught across the humanities, having worked in the areas of cultural studies, art theory, and media and communications.

He has published texts in Deleuze Studies, Ctrl-Z: New Media Philosophy, and for a host of contemporary art publications. His current research engages with neoliberal governmentally and mental illness.

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Research Interests

  • Critical Theory
  • Aesthetics & Visual Culture
  • Philosophy of Media and Design
  • Continental Philosophy (partcularly Heidegger, Foucault, Derrida, Badiou and Žižek)
  • Psychoanalysis (particularly Lacan and Bion)

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Additional Information


Peer-Reviewed Articles:

2017 "Tagging as Lazy Technique: On the Politics of Art as Work." Space and Culture (Forthcoming) 

2015 “Slave to the Rythmn: The Problem of Creative Pedagody and the Teaching of Creativity.” Deleuze Studies 9(3). 337-355

2014 “Baudrillard’s Endgame: Baudrillard and the Question of Radical Politics.”Ctrl-Z: New Media Philosophy 4.


2016 “Is No Man’s Sky An Accidental Colonialist Utopia?” Outermode. December 14. <>

2016 “Seizing the Memes of Production.” Hong Kong Review of Books. September 30. <       the-memes-of-production/>    

2016 “WA: Without Memory or Desire.” Runway-Experimental Art 31. <>

2016 “How Soon Is Now? Interpellation and Pop Misery.” Everyday Analysis. January 23. <>


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