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Dr Geraldine Lane

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Ongoing Sessional Fellow
Office of the Provost
Faculty of Humanities
Bentley Campus

Brief Summary

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Flinders University)
  • Registered Nurse -Royal Newcastle Hospital
  • Music Licentiate - Yamaha Music Foundation
  • CCNA and IT Instructor -Cisco Academy for the Vision Impaired
  • Bachelor of Special Education - Flinders University
  • Graduate Certificate in Disability Studies -Flinders University
  • Graduate Certificate in Education (Vision Impairment) -Flinders University
  • Graduate Diploma in Education (Tertiary) -Murdoch University
  • Master of Disability Studies -Flinders University
  • Master of Education (Special Education) - Flinders University
  • Master of Science (Applied Gerontology) -Flinders University
  • Master of Palliative Care in Aged Care - Flinders University

Dr Lane works as a Teaching Fellow in the School of Education and teaches in a range of units, both in the on campus and online modes. Geraldine has a long background in teaching at University level and was an inaugural staff member in the Cisco Academy for the Vision Impaired (CAVI), where she delivered online Computer networking and IT instruction to students (world wide) who are blind or vision impaired. Geraldine has a special interest in online learning and won the 2010 award for online Tutor Excellence for Open Universities Australia (OUA), (this award was based on positive student feedback). 

Geraldine has a variety of research interests and she completed her PhD through the Faculty of Medicine at Flinders University in South Australia.  Geraldine's thesis examined potential health benefits of working with a dog guide and is titled 'Theres more to a Dog Guide than meets the Eye': A Mixed Methods Investigation into the Health Benefits of Having a Dog Guide.

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Memberships, Awards and Training


Member of the Gold Key Honour Society Alumni: Flinders University Chapter; South Australia.

Member of the Australian Braille Authority (WA chapter). Member of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

Executive Committee member of Dog Guide Handlers Australia

Executive Committee member of Blind Citizens of Western Australia


OUA Tutor Award (2010) for excellence in online teaching.

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Teaching - Undergraduate

Geraldine teaches undergraduate students in Education topics including:

  • Understanding Learning
  • Assessment for Learning
  • The Numerate Educator
  • Child Development for Educators
  • Teachers Inquiring about the World
  • Development and Education
  • Developmental and Learning Characteristics of Exceptional Children
  • Atypical Development
  • Inclusive Education: Adapting Instruction for Students with Special Needs
  • Childhood Development for Educators
  • Advanced Assessment and Instruction of Exceptional Learners
  • Learning Problems in the Classroom
  • Intellectual Disability
  • Technology and Disability
  • Educating Students with Diverse Abilities

Teaching - Postgraduate

Geraldine teaches Masters level students in Education topics.

  • Learning Psychology
  • Education and childhood development
  • Atypical Development
  • Inclusive Education
  • Educating students with Learning Difficulties
  • Intellectual Disability
  • Technology and Disability
  • Diversity in the Classroom

Geraldine is a supervisor of Research Students (PhD)

Teaching - Administration

Academic Coordinator/Advisor (OUA): Unit Coordinator


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Research Interests

Research Interests

Although teaching is my first love. I also have a strong interest in research. My current research interests are - online learning; formative assessment, mentoring and current issues in medicine and applied gerontology.

Research Projects

Geraldine completed her PhD in Health Science, through the Faculty of Medicine at Flinders University . Her thesis is based on the health benefits of working with a guide dog and is titled 'Theres' more to a Dog Guide than meets the Eye'.

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Specialty Areas

Special Education


Blindness and Vision Impairment

Disability Studies

Applied Gerontology

Palliative Care

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Journal Articles (Research)

  • Lane, G. F., B. Matthews, C. Ellison, and C. Palmer. 2016. "There's more to a dog guide than meets the eye: A preliminary exploration of potentail health benefits of a dog guide use." International Journal of Orientation and Mobility 8 (1): 27-36.


Conference Articles (Research)

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