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Dr Ivana Ivanova

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Senior Lecturer
Office of the Provost
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Bentley Campus
+61 8 9266 2286



Journal Articles (Research)

  • Sluter, C. R., C. P. J. M. van Elzakker, and I. Ivánová. 2017. "Requirements Elicitation for Geo-information Solutions." Cartographic Journal 54 (1): 77-90.

Conference Articles (Research)

  • Stankova, N., R. Nedkov, I. Ivanova, and D. Avetisyan. 2017. "Integration of multispectral and SAR data for monitoring forest ecosystems recovery after fire."
  • Caceres, A. C., I. Ivanova, and M. Galo. 2017. "Quality assessment for automatic LiDAR data classification methods." In XVII SBRS: Brazilian Symposium on Remote Sensing, May 28, 2017, Santos, SP


Journal Articles (Research)

  • Ramos, A. P. M., M. B. Campos, F. S. Prol, J. J. Marcato, and I. Ivanova. 2016. "Systematic Approach to Data Quality Specification in the Cartographic Production Process Compliant with Standards for the National Spatial Data Infrastructure." Revista Brasileira de Cartografia 68 (8): 1601-1620.


Journal Articles (Research)

  • Brandalize, M. C. B., C. R. Sluter, I. Ivanova, and C. P. J. M. van Elzakker. 2015. "Map Design of Street Network for Urban Planning Based on User Centered-Designed." Revista Brasileira de Cartografia 67 (15): 1557-1567.
  • Rodrigues, T., I. Ivanova, E. Alcântara, M. Shimabukuro, F. Watanabe, L. Rotta, and N. Imai. 2015. "Data quality for radiometric dataapplied to remote sensing of water: A case study in Nova Avanhandavareservoir, São Paulo, Brazil." Revista Brasileira de Cartografia 67 (7): 1327-1339.
  • Campos, M. B., A. M. G. Tommaselli, I. Ivánová, and R. Billen. 2015. "Data product specification proposal for architectural heritage documentation with photogrammetric techniques: A case study in Brazil." Remote Sensing 7 (10): 13337-13363.


Journal Articles (Research)

  • Ivánová, I., J. Morales, R. A. de By, T. S. Beshe, and M. A. Gebresilassie. 2013. "Searching for spatial data resources by fitness for use." Journal of Spatial Science 58 (1): 15-28.

Conference Articles (Research)

  • Ivanova, I., C. R. Sluter, M. C. B. Brandalize, and C. P. J. M. van Elzakker. 2013. "Defining standard symbols for street network maps for urban planning based on user requirements." In 26th International Cartographic Conference, Aug 25, 2013, Dresden, Germany
  • García, M. G., I. Ivánová, A. Dilo, and J. Morales. 2013. "Representing positional uncertainty of individual and aggregated trajectories of moving objects." In SIGSPATIAL'13, 21st ACM SIGSPATIAL International Conference on Advances in Geographic Information Systems, Nov 5, 2013, Orlando, Florida, USA


Conference Articles (Research)

  • Singh, G., R. A. De By, and I. Ivánová. 2012. "Concepts, compass and computation: Models for directional part-whole relationships." In ICCSA 2012: Computational Science and Its Applications, Jun 18, 2012, Salvador da Bahia, BH, Brazil


Books (Research)

  • Ivanova, I. 2007. "Data quality in spatial datasets." Bratislava: Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava.


Conference Articles (Research)

  • Ivánová, I., and M. Vajsáblová. 2005. "Uncertainty in position of objects as an influence factor of the area value."
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Journal Articles (Scholarly/Professional)

  • Sidda, N. K., S. Saran, I. Ivanova, P. L. N. Raju, and V. K. Dadhwal. 2010. "A Framework for the Management of the Spatial Data Quality Information." Journal of Geomatics 4 (2): 69-69.
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