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Professor Jim Mienczakowski

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Pro Vice-Chancellor & President
Office of the DVC International
Curtin Malaysia
Miri, Sarawak Campus

Brief Summary

Prior to accepting the role of Pro Vice Chancellor and President of Curtin Malaysia Jim was Vice-Chancellor of ADEC’s Emirate’s College of Teacher Education, Abu Dhabi and earlier served with Abu Dhabi Government’s ADEC as its establishing Foundation Executive Director of Higher Education and as Higher Education Advisor. Jim has also held senior leadership positions in a number of higher education institutions in Australia. Formerly Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Industry) of Victoria University and earlier Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and Research) at CQU, Jim was also for several years a Foundation Dean of Education & the Arts responsible for the pioneering of a profession-led workplace-ready training model for teachers and for extending and renewing the Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music’s programs and facilities.

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Research Interests

Editorial Positions

Action Research: SAGE Publications, UK ( Editorial Board)

Qualitative Research: SAGE Publications, UK ( Regional Editorial Advisor)

Ethnography: SAGE Publications, USA( Review Panel)



(Research) Journals Include:

Mienczakowski, J., Wald, S. & Al Assah, R. (2010) Quality of Quantity? Reputation and Quality in Higher Education: The Case for Abu Dhabi and the Knowledge Economy. Chapter 11 in Education & The Requirements of the GCC Labor Market,  (Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies & Research). ECSSR: Federal Govt. of UAE.

Mienczakowski, J. & Morgan. S. (1998). An Evening with The Devil: The Archaeology of Emotion. National Drama, ND (UK) 5(2) [pp. 19-23].

Mienczakowski, J. (1997).  An Ethnographic Theatre: The Re-Structuring of Ethnography into Theatre with Emancipatory Potential. Inaugural Issue of IDEA International Research Journal. 1(1) 1997. [pp. 125-140]. International Drama/Theatre and Education Association - Association International Theatre Et Education, OISE Canada. OISE: Toronto. 

Mienczakowski, J. (1997).  Theatre of Change. Research in Drama Education. (RIDE) Carfax (UK.  2(2)) September, 1997. [pp. 159-172].

Mienczakowski, J., Smith, R. & Sinclair, M. (1996).  On the Road to Catharsis: A Framework for Theoretical Change.  Qualitative Inquiry, USA. 2(4) [pp. 439-462].

Mienczakowski, J. (1995).  Ethnographic Theatre: Reading and Writing Research. ND, Journal of National Drama, UK. June 1995, 3(3) [pp. 8-12].

Mienczakowski, J. (1995).  The Theatre of Ethnography, The Reconstruction of Ethnography into Theatre with Emancipatory Potential.  Qualitative Inquiry. USA 1(3) [pp. 360-375].

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Mienczakowski, J. (1994).  Theatrical and Theoretical Experimentation in Ethnography & Dramatic Form, ND. Journal of National Drama, UK. 2(2) [pp. 6-23].

Mienczakowski J. & Grainger, P. (1994).  The Salary Man, Office Lady: Japanese language video and role-play learning strategies. Australian Journal of Computer Assisted Language Learning (ON-CALL). 8(3). [pp. 26-31].

Morgan, S., Rolfe, A. & Mienczakowski, J. (1993).  It's funny, I've never heard voices like that before (Reporting into research performance work in schizophrenia). The Australian Journal Mental Health Nursing. 3(1). [pp. 266-272].

Rolfe, A., Mienczakowski, J. & Morgan, S. (1995).  A Dramatic Experience in Mental Health Nursing Education. Nurse Education Today, UK, 15(3).  [pp. 224-227].

Smith, R., Lynch, D., Mienczakowski, J. (2003)  The Bachelor of Learning Management (BLM) and  Education Capability: why we do not Prepare ‘Teachers’ Anymore. Change Transformations in Education Vol 6 (2) Nov 2003: 23-37.

Whateley, G. and Mienczakowski, J. (2001) Creating a Sustainable Future for the New Conservatorium of Music in the New Economy. Australian Journal of Music Education, 9 (1): 50-54.


Book Chapters (Research) Include:

Mienczakowski, J. (2009) Pretending to Know: Ethnography, Artistry and Audience. Special Edition, Ethnography and Education, (Ed.) C. A. Bagley, (pp 321-333) Vol. 4 (3) Oxford: Routledge (Taylor & Francis Press).

Mienczakowski, J. (2008) The Theatre of Ethnography, Chapter 63 in Representing Ethnography: Reading, Writing & Rhetoric in Qualitative Research, (Vol IV)” edited by Paul Atkinson and Sara Delamont: SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods Series. SAGE Publications: CA.

Mienczakowski, J. & Moore, T. (2008) Performing Data with Notions of Responsibility - Chapter 38 in Handbook of the Arts in Qualitative Inquiry: Perspectives, Methodologies, Examples, and Issues by Ardra L. Cole & J. Gary Knowles (Eds) Sage Publications: CA

Mienczakowski, J. (2006) Ethnodrama: Performed Research – Limitations and Potential. Chapter 11, Emergent Methods in Social Research, Sharlene Nagy Hesse-Biber & Patricia Lina Leavy (|Eds.)  Sage: London.

Mienczakowski, J. (2006) Other Performers: The Theater of Ethnography. Part II, Narrative Methods. (Eds) P. Atkinson & S. Delamont. Sage: London.

Mienczakowski, J. & Morgan S. (2005) Baddies, Grubs and the Nitty-Gritty. Part Three – Ethnographic Extensions in Ethnodrama: An Anthology of Reality Theatre, J. Saldana (Ed.) AltaMira Press, Sage: Thousand Oaks CA. pp.123-138

Mienczakowski, J. (2003) The Theater of Ethnography: The Reconstruction of ethnography into Theater with Emancipatory Potential. Chapter 19 in Turning Points in Qualitative Research: Tying Knots in a Handkerchief. (Eds) N. Denzin & Y. Lincoln. AltaMira Press. Thousand Oakes: CA

Mienczakowski, J. Morgan, S. & Smith, L. (2002). Seeing Words – Hearing Feelings: Ethnodrama and the Performance of Data. Chapter 3 (pp 34-52) in Dancing the Data. Carl Bagley & Mary-Beth Cancienne [Eds]. New York: Peter Lang Publications.

Mienczakowski, J. Morgan, S. & Smith, L. (2002). 40% Proof.  In Dancing the Data Too M.B. Cancienne & C. Bagley [Eds]. [CD-ROM] Charlottesville VA:

Mienczakowski, J. & Smith, L. A. (2002). Ethnodrama – Analysis in Action. Chapter 6 (pp97-112) in Researching in Contemporary Educational Environments, Bruce Allan Knight & Leonie Rowan (Eds) Post Pressed: Flaxton.

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Mienczakowski, J., Morgan, S., & Smith, L. (2000).  An Act of Subversion: Night Workers on the Fringe of Dawn: From Bow-Wave to Deluge. In The Emotional Nature of Qualitative Research. Kathleen Gilbert [Ed.]. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press LLC.

Mienczakowski, J. (2000). Ethnography in the form of theatre with emancipatory intentions. Chapter 9 p126-142 in Research and Inequality. Carole Truman, Donna M. Mertens, Beth Humphries (Eds.). UK::UCL Press.

Mienczakowski, J. (1998).  Ethnography in the Hands of Participants: Tools of Dramatic Discovery. Studies in Educational Ethnography Volume 2: Explorations in Methodology. G. Walford & A. Massey (Eds). [pp. 145-161]. Oxford University Institute of Educational Studies, Oxford: JAI Press Inc.

Mienczakowski, J. (1996).  An Ethnographic Act: The Construction of Consensual Theatre: Ethnography in the form of theatre with emancipatory intention.  Chapter 10 in Composing Ethnography: Alternative Forms of Qualitative Writing. C. Ellis & A. Bochner (Eds.). [pp. 244-264]. AltaMira SAGE: CA.

Morgan, S., Mienczakowski, J., & Smith, L. (2000).  Extreme dilemmas in performance ethnography: unleashed emotionality of performance in critical areas of suicide, abuse and madness. In The Emotional Nature of Qualitative Research. Kathleen Gilbert [Ed.]. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press LLC.


Refereed Conference (Research) Publications Include:

Mienczakowski, J. & Morgan, S. (1998).  Stop! In the Name of Love & Baddies, Grubs and the Nitty-Gritty. Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction: Couch Stone Symposium. 22nd-24th February, 1998. [pp. 7 - 25]. University of Houston, University Hilton Hotel Complex, Houston.

Mienczakowski, J. (1997).  The Construction of Consensual Theatre and Public Voice Ethnography: What we try to say through theatre. Qualitatives ’97, OISE, Toronto ON: Desktop Publication.  L.  Muzzin et al (Eds.)  August 1997. ISBN 0-9682062-0-4.

Morgan, S., Mienczakowski, J. & King, G. (1999). The Dramatic Representation of Suicide: Issues, concerns and guidelines. Suicide Prevention Australia, Melbourne Convention Centre. Thursday 25th March, 1999. Published as an audiotape by Suicide Prevention Australia, Melbourne.

Morgan, S. Rolfe, A. & Mienczakowski, J. (1998).  Exploration! Intervention! Health Promotion! A Developmental  Set of Guidelines for the Presentation of Dramatic Performances in Suicide Prevention. THEMHS The Mental Health Services Conference Inc. of Australia and New Zealand. TasTHEMHS98. 7th-9th Sept. Hobart, Tasmania THEMIS Pub Inc.

Morgan, S. & Mienczakowski, J. (1993).  Re-animation of the research report: critical ethnography, health education & theatre. Shaping Nursing Theory & Practice, Monograph 2, [pp. 284-291]. Melbourne: La Trobe University Press.

Morgan, S. Rolfe, A. & Mienczakowski, J. (1999).  Exploration! Intervention! Education! Health Promotion!: A developmental set of guidelines for the presentation of dramatic performances in suicide prevention. In S. Robertson, K. Kellehear, M. Teeson, & V. Miller [Eds].  Making History: Shaping the Future: The 1999 Mental Health Services Conference.  Rozelle, NSW:  Standard Publishing House.


Performance Monographs (Research)

Mienczakowski, J. (1994).  Syncing Out Loud: A Journey into Illness (Second Edition, Annotated). Griffith University: Gold Coast, ISBN 0-86857-452-2.

Mienczakowski, J. & Morgan, S. (1993).  Busting: The Challenge of the Drought Spirit. Griffith University: Gold Coast  ISBN 0-949725-07-2. 

Mienczakowski, J. (1992).  Syncing Out Loud: A Journey into Illness. Griffith University Reprographics: Gold Coast  ISBN 0-86857-403-1.


Keynote Addresses & Invited Seminars, etc. (2006 - 2014)  Include:

Mienczakowski, J. (2011)  Building a World Class Higher Education Experience  at the Building a World Class Engineering Faculty Forum, Liquid Learning (Asia), J.W. Marriot KL 18-19th November 2014.

Mienczakowski, J. (2013) Quality Stem Education and Educators, ICASE WorldSTE2013, Forum for Vice-Chancellors & University Presidents, International STEM Conference of Science Educators, MAS University, 30th Sept, 2013, Kuching, Borneo.

Mienczakowski, J. (2011) Keynote Address: “Schooling – An Opportunity for Intervention.”  Human Tragedy, Global & Local Impact. CME Physician’s Training Conference, American Center for Psychiatry & Neurology Conference, UAE, Intercontinental Abu Dhabi, 1st Oct 2011

Mienczakowski, J. (2010) Going Global 4. [GG4] The Case for the Emirates. British Council 24-26 March, Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre, London.

Mienczakowski, J. (2010) Prime Minister’s Initiative 2, Her Majesty’s Govt. Policy Dialogues: Building International Research Cultures and Business Outreach.. Policy Drivers for Research and Engagement. British Council. 15-17 Feb, 2010. UAEU, Al Ain.

Mienczakowski, J. (2010) ECSSR 15. Education and GCC Labour Market Needs. Higher Education: Quality or Quantity. 1-3 Feb, ECSSR Research Centre, UAE.

Mienczakowski, J. (2009) UK Trade & Investment Dept. & MEA Learning & Leadership: Meeting the Skills Needs in the Middle East and North Africa Expert Panel Member. BIS Centre, 1 Victoria Street, London . 2nd  Nov.

Mienczakowski, J. (2009) Financial Times & Latham Watkins, Higher Education Summit: New Models for Educational Partnership in the UAE. Expert Panel Member: Higher Education Partnerships and Financing Models 21st Oct. 2009, Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi.

Mienczakowski, J. (2009) UNESCO Higher Education Leaders Summit. Panel Member. Paris July 6-7, UNESCO and Pasteur Institute, Paris.

Mienczakowski, J. (2009) Higher Education and Qualifications Frameworks. Address to the Gulf Coast Countries (GCC) Qualifications framework Network (QFN) and international Panel, 5th April, GCC Qualifications Conference, Shangri-La, Kubriat Al Beri, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

Mienczakowski, J. (2008) Policy Change for Employability. Middle East Association (MEA) and UK Minister for Higher & Further Education Forum, London Business School (LBS), London July 2008.

Mienczakowski, J. (2008) Changing International Higher Education Approaches. Nuffic delegation of Dutch University Vice-Chancellors. 19th October, Royal Dutch Embassy.

Mienczakowski, J. (2007) Higher Education and Vocational Policy, Abu Dhabi. Middle East Association (MEA) & British Higher Education Delegation. HCT, Nov 2007.

Mienczakowski, J. (2006) Keynote Address: Pro-active Intervention in Attrition Approaches, Research in Tertiary Education  Seminar Series RiTE (Vic), Melbourne.

Mienczakowski, J. (2006) Keynote Address: Qualitative Narrative Muses, April 2006. International Narrative Research Conference, Williamstown Conference , Melbourne, Victoria University. April 2006.



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