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Associate Professor Khoa Do

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Associate Professor
Faculty of Humanities
School of Built Environment
+61 8 9266 7262

Brief Summary

Khoa Do is an Associate Professor in the Disciplines of Architecture and Construction Management at Curtin University. He is a trained Australian Architect with close to two decades in academia and architectural practice combined. Khoa brings together the best of his discipline knowledge to his scholarship of design and education. He has practiced with international award-winning multidisciplinary design firm HASSELL where he occupied a unique role of academic in resident as a creative leader and innovator for HASSELL.

On Khoa's return to Curtin in 2014, Khoa was appointed Director of International and Alumni Engagement for the School of Built Environment and at the beginning of 2015 Khoa was then appointed Director of Teaching & Learning for the School of Built Environment at Curtin University. Khoa has received numerous prestigious design and teaching awards in recognition of his significant contribution and leadership to architectural education and design practice. Notably in 2010 Khoa was awarded an Australian National Teaching Award by the Australian Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT). Khoa in 2015 was inducted as a Fellow of the Curtin Academy ( The fellowship recognises the most outstanding educators at Curtin University, and Khoa was inducted for his exceptional pedagogical expertise.

Khoa is a GDS (Global Design Studio) Principal for the Education Portfolio ( GDS is a successful platform which provides opportunities through collaborations and partnerships to enable connectivity across academia, practice, and communities at a local, national and international level. At the heart of Khoa's Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is the GDS philosophy. Where learning and teaching extend beyond the classroom.

Khoa contributes at a national level in the higher education sector as an assessor for the annual Australian Grants and Awards for University Teaching, Department of Education and Training (DET). He regularly is invited to give keynotes at national and international conferences, forums and symposiums on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) and design excellence.

Current Roles:

  • Fellow, Curtin Academy
  • Principal, Education Portfolio - Global Design Studio (G.D.S)
  • Member, HERDSA (Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia)
  • Assessor, Australian Grants & Awards for University Teaching, Department of Education & Training (DET)
  • A/Chair, Faculty of Humanities Student Discipline Panel (SDP)


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  • An interdisciplinary award winning designer, author & educator
  • An international thought leader
  • An innovator & provocateur 
  • An intelligent & progressive creative design: educator, practitioner, and researcher

Khoa's Teaching, Scholarship and Service & Leadership focus on:

  1. Interdisciplinary Engagement
  2. Indigenous Engagement
  3. International Engagement
  4. Industry Engagement


  • In-progress postgraduate theses by design - currently supervising five postgraduate architecture design projects
  • In-progress leading, designing, developing co-creating partnership design learning & teaching model
  • In-progress leading, designing, developing and delivering the Urban Design ARCH5024 unit for GDS Singapore in December in collaboration with SUTD (Singapore) and NUS (Singapore)
  • In-progress leading, designing, developing and delivering the CO-PRACTICE first year design studio
  • In-progress CASE Study House - Co-housing Project (innovative high-density LiveABILITY)
  • In-progress co-authoring International Publication - "Education in Practice" (Keywords: Urban Design, Architecture, Governance, Practice and Education)
  • In-progress Journal Article - "It's now or Later?" (Keywords: Learning Futures, Learning Spaces, Education Design and Technology)
  • On-going development Global . Design . Studio -


        2017 & 2018

  • The 2018 Global Mobility DNA (
  • 5 x Australian Competitive Undergraduate Grants - 2018 New Colombo Plan, applications to be hosted in China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia 
  • 3 x Australian Competitive Postgraduate Grants - 2018 Endeavour Mobility Program, applications to be hosted in Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam
  • Co-led, designed, developed and delivered the GDS SarAWAKEN Malaysia "On the Road" stage 2 -
  • Awarded 2017 Cross faculty L&T innovation grant application (project leader) - E4 Design Engagement Model (E4DEM) - $22K 
  • Awarded 2017 Cross faculty L&T innovation grant application (project co-leader) - Architecturing health: Reimaging professions beyond traditional boundaries - $22.6K
  • Awarded 2017 Endeavour Scholarship grant (project leader) - Research, Experience and Capture (REC Program) Singapore - $21.5K


Associate Professor Khoa Do's learning & teaching (L&T) philosophy forms the blueprint that has guided his Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) practices in his chosen discipline of Architecture.  Khoa has a combined sixteen-year experience working across academia and industry which provides him with a sound understanding of the practical knowledge, skills, and systems necessary in order to develop L&T methodologies that are uniquely developed and supported by evidence-base and best-practice. Khoa's ability to see the big picture, whilst working across a number of small to medium teaching and practice endeavors, has been tremendously successful. His SoTL projects are enduring as they continue to have relevant a decade since implementation. These SoTL projects have had an impactful contribution to architectural education both nationally and internationally, having been recognised by Curtin University, Commonwealth government and industry through awards and honorary appointments. 


Thầy Associate Professor Khoa Đỗ là một kiến trúc sư được đào tạo bài bản tại Úc với hơn 15 năm kinh nghiệm trong ngành kiến trúc trên cả phương diện giảng dạy lẫn thực tiễn. Thầy Khoa luôn dồn tất cả tâm huyết và những kiến thức sâu sắc của mình cho lính vực giáo dục về ngành kiến trúc. Thầy đã nhiều năm làm việc cho công ty HASSELL – là một trong những công ty thiết kế đa ngành hàng đầu đã từng giành nhiều giải thưởng quốc tế. Trong thời gian làm việc tại HASSELL, thầy Khoa luôn giữ vai trò tiên phong trong công cuộc sang tạo và đổi mới của công ty. Khi trở lại công tác tại trường Đại Học Curtin vào năm 2014, thầy Khoa giữ vai trò là chủ nhiệm ban Đối Ngoại Quốc Tế cho phân khoa Môi Trường Xây Dựng và thầy đã được đề bạt vào vị trí chủ nhiệm ban Giảng Dạy & Học Tập của khoa Môi Trường Xây Dựng vào đầu năm 2015.

Thầy Khoa đã giành được rất nhiều giải thưởng về giảng dạy cho những đóng góp to lớn của mình trong lĩnh vực đào tạo về kiến trúc. Đáng chú ý là trong năm 2010, thầy đã được trao giải thưởng Giảng Viên Xuất Sắc toàn nước Úc. Phương pháp giảng dạy của thầy Khoa luôn hướng tới cho sinh viên tới những sự sáng tạo và đổi mới, không chỉ giới hạn trong phạm vi lớp học mà còn vươn tới những phạm trù cao hơn, đồng thời kết hợp chặt chẽ với văn hóa và công nghệ tiên tiến. Thầy Khoa còn không ngừng nâng cao kiến thức, hiểu biết của mình bằng cách hợp tác, trao đổi với các đồng nghiệp trên toàn thế giới để cùng nhau gây dựng nên những nền tảng chuyên môn đa ngành một cách phong phù và đầy ý nghĩa. Cũng trong năm 2015, thầy Khoa đã được bổ nhiệm và vị trí Ủy viên của Trường Đại Học Curtin. Đây là một vị trí danh giá chỉ dành cho những nhà giáo uyên bác với chuyên môn sư phạm xuất sắc.


Associate Professor (Disciplines of Architecture & Construction Management)

To focus on ‘excellence in teaching’ to ‘contribute to systemic change in learning and teaching through ongoing knowledge sharing and dissemination. Khoa Do is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Humanities at Curtin. He is known internationally for his work as an innovative change agent and leader in higher education, having co-founded the GDS program, been chosen as a Fellow of the Curtin Academy, and practiced as an academic in residence at the international award-winning design practice, HASSELL.

Fellow of the Curtin Academy

The Curtin Academy is an active, honorary network of exceptional leaders committed to and passionate about the collaboration and dissemination of teaching excellence at Curtin. The Curtin Academy is designed to engage with our most outstanding teachers and provide opportunities for colleagues to learn from their exceptional pedagogical expertise.;

Australian Grants & Awards for University Teaching, Department of Educations & Training (DET)

For the category of built environment. The Office for Learning and Teaching promotes and supports a change in higher education institutions for the enhancement of learning and teaching. The Office for Learning and Teaching is part of the Department of Education and Training.;

 Principal of GDS­, Education Portfolio (

An international think tank network of creative thinkers, designers, educators and practitioners in collaborative research projects focussed on LiveABILITY and Learning Futures -;

Consulting on International Higher Education

Performing as an advisor, reviewer, juror, moderator, commentator, accessor, facilitator, speaker, designer, developer, and teacher.


Director of Teaching & Learning, School of Built Environment, Curtin – (2015 – 2016)

1) Chair, School Teaching & Learning Committee, 2) Chair, Assessment Quality Panel (AQP), 3) Member, Faculty of Humanities T&L Committee and 4) School Leadership Team

Director of International & Alumni Engagement, School of Built Environment Curtin – (2014 – 2015)

1) Chair, School Teaching & Learning Committee, 2) Member, Faculty of International Committee and 3) School Leadership Team

Offshore Course Coordinator (BArch Program in Malaysia), School of Built Environment, Curtin (2014)

1) Chair, Academic Board, 2) Chair, Board of Examiner and 3) Course Reviewer & Moderator

Architecture Design Stream Chair (BArch), School of Built Environment, Curtin (2014)

1) Chair, Design Annual Review, 2) Design Curriculum Development and 3) Coordinate and ensure high quality of design learning & teaching

Resident Academic at HASSELL (An award winning multidisciplinary design practice) (2011 – 2013)

As the resident academic and design researcher who applies his expertise to the theory, practice, and communication of design. He emphasises the value of inquiry and reflection in the practice of design, advocating for a design that is led by critical thinking and research.

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““Inspirational, leader, committed, understanding, approachable, friendly, always interested, good feedback, a great mentor, listens and communicates clearly. The list is endless!. Khoa treats us like his family and for that I’m grateful. Unbelievably helpful to have someone so committed to inspiring the next group of students to the best they can be. Amazing 110% all the time” (eVALUate, sem 1, 2015)

““Look there are a few words that describe Khoa in my experience. One is a friend. A friend is someone who supports you, challenges you and is honest with you. A friend is someone who makes you better, even if that means failing me a few times. A friend is someone who makes me earn my goals. Khoa is the best university friend I've had and I’m so honoured to have been his student. The real motivation for my assignments is that he might see growth in me as an architect. In my final assignment I’m stressed about passing, but focused on the lesson Khoa will have for me at the end” (eVALUate, sem 1, 2015)

98% - Student Feedback on TEACHING EVALUATION REPORT (TER) from eVALUate data (average taken across all Units from 2000 to 2016 as the Unit Coordinator)

90% - Student Feedback on FULL UNIT REPORT (FUR) from eVALUate data (average is taken across all Units from 2000 to 2016 as the Unit Coordinator)



2016 Excellence & Innovation in Teaching Award (Faculty of Humanities)

Team Award for A Program that Enhance Learning Award in the category of widening participation, encompassing approaches to learning and teaching - "Ways of Seeing: a learner-centred model focused on kinesthetic learning"

2015 Fellow of the Curtin Academy

The Curtin Academy is an active, honorary network of exceptional leaders committed to and passionate about the collaboration and dissemination of teaching excellence at Curtin. The Curtin Academy is designed to engage with our most outstanding teachers and provide opportunities for colleagues to learn from their exceptional pedagogical expertise.;

2011 Australian Office of Learning and Teaching(OLT) Citation Award

For developing unique and innovative approaches to support creative learning environments that enhance and enrich self-directed and independent learning within the discipline of architecture. A national award which recognises Australia’s leading university teachers.;

2006 Curtin Excellence and Innovation in Teaching Awards (EIT)

For leadership of a three-year project to produce an exemplary learning resource entitled ‘Point of Reference’ for transitioning local and international Architecture and Interior Architecture (AIA) students.;

The EIT Awards Committee commended Khoa for: 

  • his leadership in developing an innovative idea into an excellent learning resource for students in the discipline area;
  • producing a creative publication that clarifies student learning expectations and supports student learning in AIA;
  • being an enthusiastic and creative teacher who tries to improve the total student learning experiences

2005 Executive Dean’s Award (Team Award)

Awarded for the successful execution of the Annual Divisional Postgraduate Exhibition, I think I See II 2005;

2004 Executive Dean’s Award 

The concept of creating an interactive digitally edited portfolio.

2003 Early Career Academic Learning and Teaching Scholarship

Curtin Ambassador to Carrick Institute, Sydney

2001 Architecture, Planning and Construction (ACP) Full PhD Scholarship



2017 40 x Mobility Scholarships for GDS Malaysia LiveABILITY Program (Joint research/scholarship project between Curtin Bentley & Curtin Miri, Project Lead)

(Funding received $40,000+) -

2017 80 x Mobility Scholarships for GDS Malaysia LiveABILITY Program (Joint research/scholarship project between Curtin Bentley & Curtin Miri, Project Lead)

(Funding received $80,000+) -

2017 Australian Government "Postgraduate Endeavour Mobility Grant" (School, Project Lead)

Research, Experience and Capture (REC) program to be hosted in Singapore (Funding received $21,500) - 

2017 Curtin L&T Innovation Grant "E4 Design Engagement Model" (Cross-faculty project, Lead)

E4 Design Engagement Model (Funding received $22,000) -

2017 Curtin L&T Innovation Grant "Architecturing health: Reimaging professions beyond traditional boundaries" (Cross-faculty project, Co-leader)

Architecturing health (Funding received $22,600) -

2015 Work-Integrated Learning Simulation (Humanities Strategic Funding)

A consortium of stakeholders from across a range of industry partners, academic staff and students (Funding received $100,000)

2015 Indigenous Design Engagement Approaches (IDEA) (Humanities Strategic Funding) 

Indigenous Engagement Extending Indigenous Cultural Engagements through the development of a number of Indigenous Design Engagement Approaches (IDEA) – this project will be drawing on the knowledge and experience of colleagues’ from across industry/practice and academia (Funding received $60,000)

2014 Vertical Transformational Learning Model (VTLM) (Curtin University WIL in Curriculum)

Project Grant building a culture of WIL from 1st year through to industry (Funding received $5,000) -


2016 Learning for Change and Innovation World Congress "Safe-failing: Cross-discipline simulation across built environment disciplines"   

Campus Develop Summit: Ensuring a Pedagogically Responsive Campus and Facility for 21st Century Learners -

2016 Campus Development Summit "Active Placemaking Pedagogy" (Keynote)  

Campus Develop Summit: Ensuring a Pedagogically Responsive Campus and Facility for 21st Century Learners -

2016 Campus Development Summit "Doing More with Less: Maximising the Value of Existing Building Stock" (Focus Day - speaker)  

Campus Develop Summit: Ensuring a Pedagogically Responsive Campus and Facility for 21st Century Learners -

2016 39th annual conference of the Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia (HERDSA) "The Shape of Higher Education" (Workshop Facilitator)  

"Design Thinking" -

2016 International LiveABILITY Symposium (Moderator), Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam &

2016 International Learning Futures Workshop (Keynote Presentation), Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture, Vietnam

2015 International Academic Seminar (Keynote Presentation), Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture, Vietnam  and  

2015 Faculty of Humanities T&L Forum (Presentation) - "Academic Promotions - Patterns" 

2014 Teaching and Learning Forum "Transformative, innovative and engaging"

The DNA of an innovative, engaging and transformative learning model: A case study in work integrated learning (WIL) -

2014 BIM Day Out Conference (Moderator)

Education Panels -

2013 BIM Day Out Conference (Moderator)

Education Panels -

2013 The 21st WA Forum Design Institute of Australia (DIA) titled Design for the real world* (Presentation and Moderator)

"Is Real Really Real" -  and

2012 - 2013 HASSELL Studios (Design Research Presentations) - "Slightly Dangerous Ideas"

Developing and Implementing Innovative Design Excellence through Best Practice 

Khoa makes a positively sizable difference in the way I personally experience this course. (eVALUate, sem 2, 2007)
Khoa is a wholehearted educator and an articulate communicator with a natural approach in developing real and meaningful relationships with students through my command in the discipline of Architecture. He is an eloquent, passionate and enthusiastic ambassador for new and innovative teaching and learning (T&L) pedagogy reinforced by my ability to empower students with the capacity to develop designs with inspirational approaches. Having dedicated one and a half decades of unwavering commitment to furthering architectural education both locally and globally, Khoa continues to develop his art of crafting meaning, beauty and delight in teaching. Seeking for unique approaches that support creative and progressive learning environments that enhance, motivate and enrich self-directed and independent learning endeavours. Intrinsic to Khoa's teaching is his ability in fostering in students a sense of discovery. He believes learning and teaching is a collaborative exercise, involving much more than the transference of discipline knowledge; rather, it is an opportunity to facilitate an environment that fosters collaborative-interdisciplinary-engagements towards creativity, critical thinking and innovation.
My T&L philosophy and principles are underpinned by my:

  • approaches that support of learning and teaching that influence, motivate and inspire students to learn
  • development of curricula and resources that reflect a command of the field
  • approaches to assessment, feedback and learning support that foster independent learning
  • respect and support for the development of students as individuals
  • scholarship activities that have influenced and enhanced learning and teaching

His love affair with higher education began very early on in Khoa's career where the commitment to designing innovative teaching and learning (T&L) was quickly affirmed when he was appointed to take on the roles of the first-year coordinator, unit coordination for the major design studio units, moderator of international programs in Malaysia and Hong Kong and stream chair for the design communication units in the architecture course. These were significant leadership roles at a time when the architecture course at Curtin was undergoing reforms to advance the curriculum in response to major reforms in architecture education into the digital revolution. In response to these forces of change, Khoa collaborated with: Teaching and Learning experts internally at Curtin and externally with the Institute of Architects (WA Chapter) and wider design industry both locally and internationally. Through a series of active collaborations with colleagues from across industries and local & international high education institutions -- it has enabled me to developed and implements strategic projects as pilot programs and test beds aligned with very specific outcomes to provide best practice in the development of curriculum. These strategic projects are:

  • Global Design Studio­ (GDS) – an international think tank network of creative thinkers, designers, educators and practitioners in collaborative research projects focussed on LiveABILITY and Learning Futures;
  • Vertical Transformational Learning Model (VTLM) - building a culture of WIL from the first year through to industry. A seeding grant has been awarded to develop this model to enable dissemination across the university. (2014);
  • The Vertical Engagement Program – creating a knowledge share forum built on the concept of a think tank. Students from every year level come together collaborating knowledge and experience with the support of a debate, discussion formulated by an external body such as government, industry or professional organisation. (2014);
  • An Industry Orientated Master Class – sustainability and Building Information Modelling (BIM) software have been at the centre of much discussion and a series of master classes (multidisciplinary) were developed in response. (2013)
  • The Interdisciplinary-Industry Embedded Studio – unpacking learning through an immersive approach where learning is done in place within an architectural practice. Professional behaviours are formed. (2013)
  • Publication of the “Point of Reference” – a text developed to support students transitioning into the architecture course at Curtin. The publication process was utilised as a learning tool for students involved in its direct production. The publication remains relevant and is referred to within the course onshore and offshore. (2006)
  • The Global Research Studio – learning beyond the classroom through immersive learning in another culture by way of internationalisation of the curriculum and mobility for students. This unit took students to Vietnam (2005), Malaysia (2006), Hong Kong (2007), China (2008) and Taiwan (2013).
  • Experimental Ideation pedagogy – ideated learning through making by exploring 3d printing, 3d scanning, CNC, laser cutting, augmented, technologies and parametric design. (2003 – ongoing)
  • The Interactive Digital Portfolio – the production of architecture has been made more sophisticated by the rich meta-data that support the production of designs. This program empowered students to utilise that data by applying it to other web-based platforms and expanding their work to be showcased to a wider web-based community. (2003 – ongoing)
  • The Active Design Studio on Campus – focussed on supporting a culture of co-learning through a multidisciplinary collaborative approach that is modelled on industry environments. (2002 – ongoing)

These strategic projects have been run across all units in the architecture course at Curtin over a number of years and have contributed significantly to the quality in the delivery of architecture education for graduates from both our onshore and offshore programs at partner institutions in Malaysia and Hong Kong. As these projects were designed and developed from a pedagogically sound foundation and informed by their articulation through industry engagement, consultation and collaborations, the projects have academic and industry backing as they are considered fresh, responsively relevant and timely. Personally and professionally, these projects have a great deal of meaning not only for me but for over 600 graduates over the past decade. They represent my investment and commitment to teaching and learning. These strategic projects have received internal, national and international awards, grants and industry acknowledgements for the quality and value adding that they have had on the education and practice of architecture. These recognitions and acknowledgements demonstrate that I have made a significant contribution to the scholarship of teaching and learning and have extensive experience in the following:

  • design and delivery of exemplary learning outcomes and innovation in learning and teaching practice in undergraduate and postgraduate courses;
  • successful leadership in curriculum review and innovation;
  • unit/course coordination and related teaching and learning administration;
  • building a teaching and learning culture;
  • delivery of high-quality teaching across a range of modes and levels founded on reflective improvement and successful curriculum innovation; and
  • significant and strategically relevant contributions, at Faculty and School levels, to curriculum development and pedagogical innovation

These strategic projects have attracted the interest of postgraduate students seeking supervision for their theses. I have successfully supervised 50+  postgraduate students in architecture. The themes and topics of the students’ theses have stemmed from their involvement in at least one of the strategic projects. The topics range from the speculation of future practices, an exploration into the process of ideation, design thinking and inquiry, innovative education practices, the theory in practice, commercialisation, professional practice, design theory and design culture. I encourage my postgraduate students to work at a global level by understanding the local and acting in global. I am exceptionally proud to have made aa small positively contributed to my graduate students to see them successfully securing positions in the award winning international practices, government and others have gone into academia.

AREAS OF TEACHING (Past and Present)

Masters of Architecture (MArch)

  • Urban Design Research Studio
  • Urban Design Research Methods
  • Architectural Culture Research Topics 1
  • Complex Buildings Research Studio
  • Complex Buildings Research Methods
  • Integrated (Praxis) Buildings Research Studio
  • Integrated (Praxis) Buildings Research Methods
  • Architectural Thesis Methods and Preparation
  • Architectural Thesis Project

Bachelor of Applied Science (BAppSc - Architectural Science)

  • Architecture and Interior Architecture Studio
  • Architecture and Interior Architecture Methods
  • Architecture and Culture
  • Architectural Habitation Studio
  • Architectural Habitation Methods
  • Elective "Global Research Travelling Studio" (Vietnam, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China)
  • Elective "Drawing, Making, Fabrication and Illustration"
  • Architecture and Spatial Grammar Studio
  • Architecture and Spatial Grammar Methods
  • Architectural Contexts Studio
  • Architectural Contexts Methods
  • Architectural Discourse and Spatial Intelligence Studio
  • Architectural Discourse and Spatial Intelligence Methods
  • Architectural Design and Technical Integration Studio
  • Architectural Design and Technical Integration Methods


Academic leadership and service in times of change and disruption is difficult. However, I consider it as an opportune time to embrace other ways of looking for innovation and breaking stagnant routines with new thinking, learning (and unlearning) practices. Having performed in leadership roles in both the private and public sectors  my leadership approach is to lead by example and champion a culture of shared excellence which by way of:

  • Mentoring staff and students, and building the capacity of the department and school by strategically recruiting prominent directors and principles from industry to support the development, coordination and delivery units and research across the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.
  • Grants assessor in the category of Built Environment for the Office of Learning & Teaching (OLT). (2012 and 2013)
  • Presented at the inaugural Let’s talk about WIL to share my expertise in T&L strategies around embedding WIL into the curriculum. (2014)
  • Presented at the Teaching Excellence Development Fund (TEDF) – ‘Community of Practice’ – on developing excellence in teaching through innovation. (2014)
  • Moderator for the education and practice panels at the BIM Day Out conferences (2013 and 2014). The panels discussed the progressive reforms that BIM is having on the education and practice of architecture.
  • Open House Perth Board Member (2012). The Board included Marion Fulker (CEO of Committee for Perth), directors from various practices and the Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi.
  • Education committee member at the Institute of Architects (WA Chapter).
  • National awards judge for the Design Institute of Australia.
  • Organised and taught an international studio at Ho Chi Minh City Architecture University, Vietnam.
  • Taught at an International parametric design studio at YunTech, Taiwan (involving Beijing University, HKU Space, YunTech University and Curtin University).


The education of an architect has its traditional roots in the master-apprentice relationship. The apprentice is actively learning through the master who is immersed in the contemporary practices of architecture. With the rapid advancements in the intelligence of computer software such as the Building Information Modelling platform and the ever-evolving array of building materials, the need for universities to educate new and emerging architects on contemporary practices is paramount in order to produce higher successful graduates with relevant skills and knowledge.

My PhD is in Education – “Learn, Work and Practice: Embedding Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) through a Studio-Workplace Model (SWpM)”. The doctorate is enriched through my years of experience in both academia and industry. The topic is currently of much debate and exploration for the university and industry. With internationalisation and WIL learning to be embedded across all units in the university, my research has attracted a great deal of interest. I have presented refereed papers on this topic and have also given presentations at various internal and international forums on the topic of learning beyond the classroom through authentic industry engagements.

As a design educator who not only develops curricula in the background but also delivers the content, I became aware of aspects of the curriculum and my teaching which were proving to be not as effective for student learning as they could be. I recognised that students were faced with issues such as transitioning into a new course, lack of appropriate resources and ineffective or non-meaningful feedback. This began for me a reflective, self-discovery process which further led me to be actively involved in learning and teaching research, conference, interview, review and feedback to form a holistic and insightful reading, firstly from the perspective of the student (recognise the challenges/concerns facing students changes as they transition and progress through the course), and secondly from the perspective of a teacher (develop sound pedagogy that demystify, simplify and galvanise learning). I co-authored an award-winning publication/text titled: Point of Reference to support transition into the architecture course. The text focussed on the undergraduate degree but had relevance to the postgraduates who have matriculated into the course at Curtin from various pathways. I am looking to update the Point of Reference and begin the second book focussed on the Master’s Degree.

In order for the architecture course to remain at the forefront of contemporary architectural practices, I see that it paramount to be in touch and in tune with the industry. Cultivating industry ties and active learning within its academic staff is important to remain relevant. With the emphasis on practice and active involvement in the industry, the relevance of a doctoral degree does not lie within the discipline of architecture but in the furthering of teaching and learning techniques of architecture. This is why I am undertaking a Doctorate of Education in the School of Education focused on the important connection between the theory of practice and the learning in place.



Do, K & Siew, A. eds. 2006. The point of Reference: for the new student of architecture and interior architecture. Curtin University of Technology: Curtin University of Technology, (ISBN 1 740 67455 3).

Do K. & Siew, A. (2006), Research, experience, capture: a study tour of self-directed exploration. An experience of Learning (Teaching and Learning Forum 2006), Perth, WA, the University of Western Australia (UniPrint).

Do K. & Siew, A. (2005), REC[record] Vietnam: research, experience, and capture. Perth, WA, Curtin University of Technology (ISBN 1 74067 4138).

Do K. (2004), The Role of Architecture in the New Urbanism of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Vietnam on the Road to Development and Integration: Tradition & Modernity, Vietnam, the Second International Conference on Vietnamese Studies.

Conference Articles

Do, K. & Dennis D. 2014. “The DNA of an innovative, engaging and transformative learning model: A case study in work integrated learning (WIL).” Teaching and Learning Forum 2014 – Transformative, Innovative and Engaging. 30-31 January 2014. The University of Western Australia.

Do, K. & Kelly M. ed. 2013. “Next Generation of Learning Spaces (NGLS): a visualisation of the design process.” The Academic Practice and Technology (APT) Conference: Next Generation Learning Places and WorkSpaces is our eleventh annual conference hosted by the eCentre at the University of Greenwich and supported by the Higher Education Academy (HEA) and Jisc. 2 July 2013. The University of Greenwich.

Do, K. &Siew, A. 2006. “Research, Experience, Capture: A study tour of self-directed exploration.” In 15th Annual Teaching and Learning Forum, Feb 1, 2006, the University of Western Australia: The University of Western Australia.

Do, K. 2006 “The experiential education; beyond the classroom.” In Evaluations and Assessment Conference 2006: enhancing student learning, Nov 30, 2006, Curtin University of Technology: Curtin University of Technology.

Exhibitions & Creative Works

Do, K. 2005. Research, Experience, Capture. Western Australia: Curtin University of Technology.

Curator of the 2005 International Exhibition of Global Studio at RMIT University, Vietnam

Curator of the 2005 International Exhibition of Global Studio at Ho Chi Minh City Architecture University, Vietnam  

Curator of the 2009 Architecture and Interior Architecture Annual Graduation Exhibition

Curator of the 2008 Architecture and Interior Architecture Annual Graduation Exhibition

Curator of the 2007 Architecture and Interior Architecture Annual Graduation Exhibition 

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