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Staff Profile

Dr Kar-Chun Tan

Senior Research Fellow
Office of the Provost
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Bentley Campus
+61 8 9266 9916

Brief Summary

Group leader of the 'septoria nodorum blotch biology' programme.

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Memberships, Awards and Training

2014            Eureka Prize finalist - Department of Agriculture Landcare Eureka Prize for Sustainable Agriculture.

2005            Semifinalist of the Western Australian Young Achiever Award for the Science and Technology category.

2003            Recipient of the Australian Postgraduate Award.

2002            Runner-up placing in the Western Australian division of the AusBiotech Excellence Awarded for top Honours thesis.

2002            Vice Chancellor's Commendation for Academic Excellence 2001 Award (Murdoch Univ.).

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Research Interests

  • Identification of necrotrophic effectors in Parastagonospora nodorum.
  • Signalling regulation of effector gene expression.
  • Identification of effector sensitivity/SNB QTLs in wheat.
  • Metabolomic dissection of the wheat defensome.

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Specialty Areas

  • Molecular plant pathology
  • Proteomics
  • Metabolomics
  • Genetic mapping of wheat

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Additional Information

Other Information


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Research grant

Millar, A. H., Clode, P. L., Flematti, G. R., Leedman, P. J., Zhang, Dongke, Grice, K., Bunce, M., Oliver, R. P., Tan, K. C., Trengove, R. D., Maker, G. L., Thompson, R. C., Wilton, S. D., Martins, R. N., Abbiss, C. R., Boyce, M. C. High resolution mass spectrometry for metabolomics and proteomics research. ARC LIEF LE150100158. 2015 - AUD$670,000.

Tan, K. C. Septoria nodorum blotch of wheat. GRDC-Curtin University bilateral. 2014-2019. AUD$5,758,258

Sampson, D. D, Koutsantonis, G. A., Johns, M. L., Zhang, D., Swaminatha-Iyer, K. L., Trengove, R. D., Oliver, R. P., Ogden, M. I., Verdile, G., Abbiss, C. R., Tan, K. C. and Godfrey, I. M. Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy facilities: advancing cutting-edge chemical, biological, energy and materials research. ARC LIEF LE140100036. 2014 – AUD$771,000.

Tan, K. C. Early Career Researcher Highest Research Performance Index. Research and Development RPI Awards 2012 – AUD$3,000.

Grice, K., Oliver, R. P., Charrois, J. W., Greenwood, P. F., Linge, K. L., Flematti, G. L., Tan, K. C. and Dodson, J. R. Automated preparative gas chromatograph for isolating unique and important organic components for structural identification. ARC LIEF LE120100077. 2012 - AUD$150,000.

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