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Dr Leisa Gibbons

Office of the Provost
Faculty of Humanities
Curtin College Bentley
08 9266 7076

Brief Summary

Leisa is a Lecturer in the Department of Information Studies in the School of Media, Culture and Creative Arts. Leisa has been teaching archives in higher education since 2010 with adjunct and sessional experience at Monash University, RMIT University and Charles Sturt University. Between 2015 and 2017 Leisa worked as an Assistant Professor at Kent State University in Ohio in the School of Library and Information Science. 

Leisa Gibbons has a Ph.D. and Masters in Information Management & Systems from Monash University, as well as a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Western Australia. She ran her own consultancy for five years in Melbourne (called Rhizome Digital) working with small and medium community and NFP organisations to develop recordkeeping and archives programs. She is an accredited Records Manager, Archivist & Librarian.

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Memberships, Awards and Training


2006 - 2015, 2017 - current:

  • Member of the Australian Society of Archivists.

2016 - 2017:

  • Member of the Society of American Archivists
  • Member of ARMA
  • Member of ALISE
  • Member of the Society of Ohio Archivists
  • Member of the Cleveland Recordkeeping Roundtable

2006 - 2015:

  • Associate Member of the Records Management Association of Australasia (previously RMAA)



  • Monash University Vice-Chancellor’s Commendation for Doctoral Thesis Excellence.


  • ACPHIS PhD Medal, the Executive Board of the Australian Council of Professors and Heads of School in Information Systems (ACPHIS)


  • Nominated for a Monash Faculty of Information Technology Teaching Award for FIT5087 Archival Systems


  • Winner best poster overall: Engaging Complexity. Archival Education & Research Institute (AERI), Boston (judged by senior colleagues)


  • Australian Post-Graduate Award Scholarship 2010 Sharman Award, Australian Society of Archivists


  • Monash Faculty of Information Technology Shortlisted Faculty 3 Minute Thesis Final 2007 Monash Faculty

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Archives Concepts and Practices

  • INFO2001 (undergrad) 
  • INFO5001 (post-grad)

Conservation and Preservation

  • INFO 3000 (undergrad) 
  • INFO 5003 (post-grad)

Convergence and Cultural Institutions

  • INFO 3012 (undergrad)


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Research Interests

Leisa’s research explores the socio-technical formation of cultural heritage. She has a particular interest in use and implications of the use of technologies in memory-making and development of emergent archives. Leisa’s work primarily involves digital cultural heritage and social media, but she has a significant interest in community recordkeeping and archives and the intersection between use of social media, personal memory-making and community memory-making. 

Leisa developed the Mediated Recordkeeping Model (MRkM) which extends records continuum models and the role of archives as memory systems. She has begun to test the model's use in developing automated appraisal tools for web archiving. This model is also being deployed in critical examination of archival description and to build personal reflexivity processes into practice. Others are deploying the model to study media archives and oral histories. 

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Specialty Areas

Records Continuum Models and Theory

Continuum Informatics

Cultural Heritage, Memory-making and Memory work

Archives, archival studies and archival science

Digital preservation and digital archives

Born digital special collections including social media and web archives

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Additional Information

Papers and Presentations


Gibbons, Leisa. (2017). Use of personal reflexive modelling in challenging conceptualisations of cultural heritage. International Journal of Heritage Studies. [online first]. 

Gibbons, Leisa. (2016). Exploring Social Complexity: Continuum Theory and a Research Design Model for Archival Research. In A. Gilliland, A.J. Lau, and S. McKemmish, eds. Research in the Archival Multiverse. Social Informatics Monograph Series, Monash University Press. 

Gibbons, Leisa. (2015). Continuum informatics and the emergent archive. 12th Prato CIRN (Community Informatics Research Network) Conference Privilege, Information, Knowledge & Power: An endless dilemma? 9-11 November 2015, Monash Centre, Prato Italy. 

Gibbons, Leisa. (2009). Testing the Continuum: user-generated cultural heritage on YouTube. Archives & Manuscripts. 37 (2). pp. 89-112 

Gibbons, Leisa. (2009). Business Classification Scheme as a tool for change at the Brotherhood of St Laurence. InfoRMAA Quarterly. 25(4). 

Gibbons, Leisa. (2007). Cultural film heritage and independent film production in Australia. Archives & Manuscripts. 35 (1). pp. 34-53.

Recent Presentations 


Leisa Gibbons and Hollie White. Research Applications, Information and Library Studies Conference 2017, Adelaide. The education of information professionals: a cross-cultural comparison of Australian and American approaches. 

Leisa Gibbons. Diverse Worlds: Australian Society of Archivists Conference 2017, Melbourne. Engaging expert knowledge outside academia: Service-learning for archival education. 

Leisa Gibbons. Diverse Worlds: Australian Society of Archivists Conference 2017, Melbourne. Panel: Beyond GLAM: Rationale for a recordkeeping informatics approach. Algorithms, archives and evidence of culture.  [View]

Hollie White and Leisa Gibbons. Directions and Destinations 2017: School of Media, Culture and Creative Arts Research Symposium, Perth. Educating Australia-Based Students to be Global Information Professionals. 

Leisa Gibbons. Interconnectedness: personal memory-making on YouTube. Personal Digital Archiving Conference, Stanford University. [View]


Leisa Gibbons, Joanne Evans, Michelle Caswell, Jarret Drake. Why the discipline and the profession needs activist archivists. (panel proposal). Presentation: What it means to teach ethics to students: exploring the complexity of representation and equity in records, recordkeeping and archives. Association of Canadian Archivists: ‘Futur proche’: Archives & Innovation, Montreal. 

Leisa Gibbons. Archival Education and Research Institute. (AERI), Kent, OH. Theory for archiving online cultural heritage. [Poster].

Leisa Gibbons. Society of Ohio Archivists SOA Spring Conference: Knocking Down Walls and Reaching Out: Archives in Our Community, Columbus, OH. Engaging Theory and Practice: Collaborating Across the Divide. [Poster]. 

Leisa Gibbons. Personal Digital Archiving Conference, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Remembering the Internet: Preserving our experiences of being online. [Poster].

Leisa Gibbons. Australasian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS) December 2015. University of South Australia, Adelaide. Reflections on navigating complex social research. Invited lecture as 2015 ACPHIS PhD Medal recipient.


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