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Dr Robert Steuart

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Research Facility Manager
Faculty of Health Sciences
Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute(CHIRI)
Bentley Campus
08 9266 7362

Brief Summary

I am the research facility manager for the Curtin Health Innonvation Research Institute. Our facility provides wet laboratory space for reserchers from the Schools of Biomedical Sciences, Pharmacy and Public Health. We have space for over 100 researcher and provide platform technologies in Flow Cytometry, Microscopy, Protein Expression and Analysis and general Molecular Biology. Our researchers are conducting research into a range of different areas including; cancer immunology, diabetes, alzheimers, gene transfer in bacteria and understanding protein trafficking through the ER.

I have a small research team investigating the cell biology of the human intestinal parasite Giardia duodenalis. Our group is performing studies to understand variation in the different genetic groups of the parasite and are mainly focused on how the parasite changes into the infective cyst lifecycle stage.

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Research Interests

My primary area of research interest is the cell and molecular biology of parasite, namely Giardia duodenalis which is a ubiquitous parasite that is able to infect humans and animals. Giardia exists as two forms, the trophozoite that colonises the small intestine and the infective cysts. There are several genetic groups in G. duodenalis which are quite distinct at the genetic level but little has been done to study the biological effect of this variation.

Current projects are investigating variation in gene control between genetic groups, the role of GLORF-C4 a small heat shock like protein, triggers for forming the cyst stage, variation and studies of the alpha giardins (a unique class of structural proteins), determination of adhesion factors and unravelling the interplay between different genetic groups during mixed infections.

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Journal Articles (Research)


Journal Articles (Research)

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