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Dr Subra Ananthram

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Senior Lecturer
Office of the Provost
Faculty of Business and Law
Bentley Campus
08 9266 1312


I am a Senior Lecturer in international Business and the Course Coordinator of the Master of International Business & Entrepreneurship (MIBE) 

I primarily research Asian multinationals in the areas of strategic management (strategic agility, strategic business partner roles, FDI entry modes); cognition and global mindset; ethical decision-making; and international HRM. I am currently involved in research projects related to ethical decision making, frugal innovation, demotion and career transition. I apply both quantitative and qualitative methdologies in my research.

My teaching interests lie in the areas of international management and international HRM. I have co-ordinated and lectured undergraduate and postgraduate units as part of the BCom, Master of International Business and MBA (Global).


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Memberships, Awards and Training


  • Member of the Academy of International Business (AIB)
  • Member of the Asia Academy of Management (AAOM)
  • Member of Strategic Management Society (SMS)
  • Affiliate Member of the Australian Institute of Management (AIM)


2017 Curtin Business School Teacher of the Year Award

2016 School of Management Head of School Distinguished Service Award.

2016 School of Management Head of School Recognition of Service Award.

2015 School of Management Teaching Excellence Award.

2008 Curtin Business School (CBS) New Researcher of the Year Award.

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Employment History

  • 2010 onwards - Senior Lecturer (International Business), Curtin University
    • Course Co-ordinator - Master of Interantional Business and Entrepreneurship (2017 onwards)
    • Area Head - International Business discipline (2014-16)
    • Course Co-ordinator - Master of International Business; B.Com (IB) (2014-16)
    • Honours Co-ordinator (2014-15)
  • 2007-09 Lecturer (Management), Curtin University.
  • 2006-07 Associate Lecturer (Management), Curtin University.
  • 2002-05 Research Associate, Curtin University.

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  • MGMT6003 Global Business Dynamics
  • MGMT3001 International Management

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Research Fields

    Commerce, Management, Tourism and Services

  • Human Resources Management
  • International Business
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Research Interests

  • Strategic management in MNEs
  • Frugal innovation
  • Managerial and organisational global mindset in MNEs
  • Ethical decision-making in MNEs
  • International HRM in MNEs
  • Academic roles in Higher Education institutions

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Journal Articles (Research)

  • Ananthram, S., M. Xerri, S. T. T. Teo, and J. Connell.. "High Performance Work Systems and Employee Outcomes in Indian Call Centres: A Mediation Approach." PERSONNEL REVIEW - Inpress.


Journal Articles (Research)

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Additional Information

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

  1. Ananthram, S., Xerri, M., Teo, S. and Connell, J. (2018). High Performance Work Systems and Employee Outcomes in Indian Call Centres: A Mediation Approach. Personnel Review (forthcoming - fully accepted on 11 Feb 18) [ABDC - A rank,  IF 5y 1.853; 2y 1.427]

  2. Chan, C.C.A. and Ananthram, S. (2017). Religion-based decision making in Indian multinationals: A multi-faith study of ethical virtues and mindsets. Journal of Business Ethics (forthcoming - fully accepted on 28 April 17) [ABDC - A rank, IF 5y 3.526, 2y 2.354; FT50 journal].

  3. Bennett, D., Clarke, L., Ananthram, S. and Broughton, M. (2017). What is required to develop career pathways for teaching academics? Higher Education (forthcoming – fully accepted on 7 March 17) [ABDC – A rank, IF 5y 2.248, 2y 1.571].

  4. Ananthram, S., Teo, S.T., Connell, J., and Bish, A. (2017). Control and involvement HR Practices in Indian Call Centres - still searching for answers. Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources (forthcoming - fully accepted on 6 April 17) [ABDC – B rank, IF 5y 1.289; 2y 0.811]

  5. Ananthram, S. and Chan, C.C.A. (2016). Religiosity, Spirituality and Ethical Decision-Making: Perspectives from Executives in Indian Multinational Enterprises. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 33(3): 843-880 [ABDC – A rank, IF 5y 2.647; 2y 2.024]

  6. Yeo, M., Ananthram, S., Teo, S.T., and Pearson, C.A.L. (2015). Leader-member exchange and relational quality in a Singapore public sector organization. Public Management Review, 17(10): 1379-1402 [ABDC – A rank, IF 5y 2.860; 2y 2.293]

  7. Ananthram, S. and Nankervis, A. (2014). Outcomes and benefits of a managerial global mindset: An exploratory study with senior executives in North America and India. Thunderbird International Business Review, 56(2): 193–209  [ABDC – B rank]

  8. Ananthram, S., Grainger, R.J., and Tominaga, H. (2014). Constituents of a global mindset: Empirical assessment with Japanese managers. Japan Studies Review, 18: 89-114 [ERA rank B (multidisciplinary)]

  9. Ananthram, S., Nankervis, A. and Chan, C (2013) Strategic human asset management: Evidence from North America.  Personnel Review, 42(3):281-299. [ABDC – A rank, IF 5y 1.853; 2y 1.427] 

  10. Ananthram, S. and Chan, C. (2013). Challenges and strategies for global human resource executives: Perspectives from Canada and the United States.  European Management Journal, 31(3):223-233. [ABDC – B rank, IF 5y 2.608; 2y 2.481]

  11. Ananthram, S. and Nankervis, A. (2013). Strategic agility and the role of HR as a strategic business partner: An Indian perspective.  Asia-Pacific Journal of Human Resources, 51(4):454-470. [ABDC – B rank, IF 5y 1.289; 2y 0.811]

Media Articles

  1. Ananthram. S. and Chan, C. (2017) Does being religious or spiritual make you more ethical at work. The Conversation  
  2. Bennett, D., Clarke, L. and Ananthram, S. (2017) Teaching only roles could mark the end of your academic career. The Conversation
  3. Ananthram, S. (2017) To be ethical, do you have to be religious or spiritual? Interview on SBS Australia 

Book Chapters

  1. Ananthram, S. (2016). HRM as strategic business partner: the contributions of strategic agility, knowledge management and management development in multinational enterprises-empirical insights from India.” In Nankervis, A et al. (eds.) Asia Pacific Human Resource Management and Organisational Effectiveness, 87-105, Elsevier. [SENSE – B rank]

  2. Grainger, R. J., and Ananthram, S. (2007). Managing industrial development through learning, the family and competition in South Korea. In Asian management in transition: Emerging themes, 155-194. UK: Palgrave Macmillan. [SENSE – B rank]

  3. Ananthram, S. (2005). Financial Management in Services. In Managing Services, ed. Alan Nankervis, John Milton-Smith, Tadayuki Miyamoto and Ruth Taylor, 252-298. Melbourne, Australia: Cambridge University Press. [SENSE – A rank]


  1. Steers, R., Nardon, L., Sachchez-Runde, C, Samatunge, R., Ananthram, S. Fan, D. and Lu, C. (2017) Management across Cultures, First Australasian edition. Cambridge University Press, UK. [SENSE – A rank]


Editor: Academic Journals

2013 – 2014:  Associate Editor of the International Journal of Pedagogy and Curriculum.

2007 – 2009:  Assistant Editor of Research and Practice in Human Research Management (RPHRM) scholarly journal.


Reviewer: Ad Hoc Reviewer for Academic Journals and International Conferences

Journal of Business Ethics, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Public Management Review, International Journal of Human Resource Management, Thunderbird International Business Review, European Management Journal, Journal of Management and Organization, International Journal of Pedagogy and Curriculum, Human Resource Development International, Research and Practice in Human Research Management.

Academy of Inernational Business (AIB) conference, Asia Academy of Management (AAOM) conference, Australia and New Zealand Academy of International Business Academy (ANZIBA) conference.


Doctoral Student Supervision (completions)

2016: Hafez Mansour - Firms Adaptation to Environmental Turbulence: The Case of Libyan Tourism Sector (Principal Supervisor)

2012: Syed Mohyuddin - Resolving a Crisis of Habitus: The Experiences of Professionals and Managers from South Asia in Australia (Associate Supervisor)

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