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Associate Professor Susan Beltman

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Associate Professor
Office of the Provost
Faculty of Humanities
Bentley Campus
501.Level 4
08 9266 2161

Brief Summary

  • PhD Murdoch University
  • Master of Education (Hons) Murdoch University
  • Diploma of Education - University of WA
  • Diploma of Teaching - WA Secondary Teachers College
  • Teachers Certificate - WA Secondary Teachers College
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Psychology - University of WA

Susan lectures in the area of Educational Psychology and Inclusive Education and is interested in all ages from infant to adult. Her previous career was as a School Psychologist in government and non-government schools in Western Australia and Queensland.

Her teaching and research areas of interest include motivation, social and interpersonal aspects of learning, students at risk, resilience, and school and community programs involving mentoring and role models. She has experience in qualitative research methodologies. Current areas of research focus on teacher resilience and wellbeing.

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Memberships, Awards and Training


  • European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI);
  • British Educational Research Association (BERA);
  • International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP);
  • Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE);
  • Australian Human Development Association (AHDA);
  • Australian Guidance and Counselling Association (AGCA);
  • School Psychologists' Association of Western Australia (SPA);
  • Western Australian Institute of Educational Research (WAIER) (President)


Professional teaching Council of Western Australia Professional Service Award for work with the Western Australian Institute for Educational Research (WAIER) presented October 2007.

Fellow of the Western Australian Institute for Educational Research, August 2010

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Teaching - Administration

Undergraduate electives

  • Mentoring, Coaching and Tutoring
  • Social Contexts of Development for Children with Special Needs

Master of Teaching: Theories of Development and Learning

Postgraduate units in the Master of Education

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Research Interests

Research Interests

Areas of research interest:

  • Teacher Resilience
  • First Year in Higher Education
  • Motivation
  • Mentors
  • Role models

Funded Research Projects

2016                       Becoming a Teacher in Remote Australia: Picturing Resilience. Charles Darwin University LEBA (Faculty of Law, Education, Business and Arts) Medium Research grant, $9,237. Team: Dr Lisa Papatraianou, Dr Al Strangeways, A/Prof Susan Beltman.

2016                       FRESH: Fieldwork Resilience Enhancement in Students in Health Sciences. Curtin University TEDF (Teaching Excellence Development Fund), $14,492.55. Team: Brooke Sanderson, Deputy Director Practice & Interprofessional Education, Margo Brewer, Susan Beltman, Sonia Ferns, Michelle Donaldson.

2016                       Mentoring Programs and Equity Groups: The Australian Story. NCSEHE  (National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education) Research Grants Program, $39285.30. Team: A/Professor Susan Beltman, Dr Shamim Samani, Manager Projects, Ethics, Equity and Social Justice, Curtin University, Kate Ala’i, Senior Research Officer, Science and Mathematics Education Centre, School of Education, Curtin University.

2013-2015            Keeping Cool Europe– ENhancing Teacher REsilience in Europe / ENTREE. EU Lifelong Learning Program. Team: Wosnitza, M., Morgan, M., Nevralova, K., Henkel, M., Peixoto, F., Cefai, C. Total funding Euros 430,700 [$AU 621,925.86].

2013-2015            BRiTE Building Resilience in Teacher Education. Office of Learning Teaching Grants Programs (Australia); $150,000. Team: Mansfield, C.F., Beltman, S., & Broadley, T., Weatherby-Fell, N.

2013-2016            The Development of Pre-Service Teachers’ Professional Identity and Resilience. Small grant $4000 Curtin Faculty of Humanities and School of Education funding.

2013-2014            Mentoring Relationships Project. (Nov 2013-Dec 2014) $33,000. Funded by WA Department for Communities. Role researcher. Joint project with Murdoch (lead), ECU and Notre Dame Universities.

2009-2011            $217,000 research grant received through ALTC Priorities Projects Program TITLE: PP9-1370 ‘Keeping cool: embedding resiliency in the initial teacher education curriculum’. TEAM: C. Mansfield; A. Price; L. Butcher (Murdoch); S. Beltman, L. Pelliccione (Curtin).


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Specialty Areas

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Recent Publications

Mansfield, C.F., Beltman, S., Weatherby-Fell, N., & Broadley, T. (2016). Classroom ready?: Building resilience in teacher education (pp.211-229). In R. Brandenburg, S. McDonough, J. Burke, & S. White (Eds.). Teacher education: Innovation, interventions and impact. Singapore: Springer.

Beltman, S. (2015). Teacher professional resilience: Thriving not just surviving. In N. Weatherby-Fell (Ed.), Learning to teach in the secondary school (pp .20-38). Melbourne, Aust. : Cambridge University Press.

Karnovsky, S., Flodin, C., & Beltman, S. (2015). The Curtin Coaches: Benefits of an outreach tutoring program for first year pre-service teachers. A Practice Report. International Journal of First Year in Higher Education, 6(1), 163-169. doi: 10.5204/intjfyhe.v6i1.252

Research Reports

Beltman, S., Samani, S., & Ala’i, K. (2017). Mentoring Programs and Equity Groups: The Australian Story. National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education (NCSEHE), Perth: Curtin University.

MacCallum, J., Beltman, S., Coffey, A., Cooper, T., & Jarvis, J. (2014). Youth mentoring relationships: Understanding how to prevent breakdown. Report for Government of Western Australia, Department of Local Government and Communities.

Mansfield, C. F., Price, A. E., McConney, A., Wosnitza, M., Beltman, S., & Pelliccione, L. (2012). Keeping Cool: Embedding resilience in initial teacher education. Canberra: Office of Learning and Teaching.

Beltman, S. (2007). Some stay, some go: A case study in retention at university. Perth, Australia: Curtin University of Technology. (Prepared for the Department of Education, Curtin University of Technology)

Beltman, S. (2007). Cognitive Coaching research report. Perth, Australia: Curtin University of Technology. (Prepared for the Australian National Schools Network)

MacCallum, J., Beltman, S., Palmer, D., Ross, C., & Tero., C. (2005). Evaluation of the Indigenous mentoring pilots project. Report to the Department of Education, Science and Training. [96 pages] (Evaluation Kit accompanying the above report)

MacCallum, J., Beltman, S., Palmer, D. & Collard, L. (2002). Going Along Together. Evaluation Kit. Centre for Learning Change and Development Murdoch University. Perth: Western Australia

MacCallum, J. & Beltman, S. (2002) Role Models for Young People: What Makes an Effective Role Model Program? Hobart, Tasmania: National Youth Affairs Research Scheme / Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies. Retrieved September 28, 2008 from:

MacCallum, J. & Beltman, S. (1999) Mentoring in Schools by Members of the Community: International Year of Older Persons Mentoring Research Report. Canberra: Commonwealth Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs. Retrieved September 28, 2008 from:

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Journal Articles (Research)


Book Chapters (Research)

Journal Articles (Research)


Journal Articles (Research)


Journal Articles (Research)


Journal Articles (Research)


Journal Articles (Research)


Journal Articles (Research)


Journal Articles (Research)


Journal Articles (Research)


Books (Research)

  • Maccallum, J., S. Beltman, and C. Tero. 2007. "Mentoring: The Guide." Perth, Western Australia: Murdoch University - Centre for Learning, Change & Development.

Journal Articles (Research)

  • Beltman, S., and S. Voet. 2007. "Exploring the Complex and Dynamic Nature of Sustained Motivation." European Psychologist 12 (4): 314-323.


Journal Articles (Research)

  • Beltman, S., and J. MacCallum. 2006. "Mentoring and the Development of Resilience: An Australian Perspective." The International Journal of Mental Health Promotion 8 (1): 21-32.


Conference Articles (Research)

  • Beltman, S. 2005. "Enabling, Encouraging and Extending: Social Interactions and Motivation." In 40th APS Annual Conference: Past Reflections, Future Directions, Sep 28, 2005, Melbourne: The Australian Psychological Society.
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Books Chapters - Other


Books Chapters - Other


Journal Articles (Scholarly/Professional)

  • Beltman, S. 2005. "Enabling, encouraging and extending: Social interactions and motivation." AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGY 57: 184-184.
  • Beltman, S. 2005. "Complex beginnings: Initial formal engagement in snort and music." AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGY 57: 157-157.
  • MacCallum, J., and S. Beltman. 2005. "Role models: Beyond a unitary concept." AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGY 57: 167-167.
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