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Reporting to the Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee of Council, but with direct access to the Vice-Chancellor and Senior Executive Team (SET) as needed, the Audit & Assurance Mandate relates to the conduct and oversight of a program of audits covering a range of efficiency, effectiveness, probity, compliance and information system issues.

Internal auditing provides management at all levels with objective information, comment and advice on the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations of the University relative to its strategic directions and governance processes. Embodied in this concept is the review of compliance with legislation, standards and internal and external policies and guidelines. Curtin’s Internal Audit Focus 2023 to 2025 further details Curtin’s vision for the Internal Audit function and positioning with strategic objectives.

The Curtin Annual Audit Work Plans provide a schedule of planned activity. The process of each internal audit is to review current practices and measure these against principles of good practice. The intent is to improve awareness of key issues and provide benchmarks towards best practice in each area.

Curtin’s Audit Team at KPMG is managed internally by Steven Tamigi, Director of Risk, Compliance & Audit at Curtin University. For the full contact details of the team, including key KPMG personnel, please see the following: Curtin Internal Audit Team Details